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Whitby's (Rotherham) - Caron Platts -


Been going to Whitbys since it opened. Never had a problem with it till yesterday. Batter was horrendous on the fish, all fluffy inside and wet, plus the fish was a lower standard.

We have 23 reviews of Whitby's.

Carluccio's (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Bethan Griffiths -


My daughter and I ate here today for the first time and both had the chicken and avocado salad. So tasty. Service also excellent, professional and friendly. Well done. We will be back.

We have 6 reviews of Carluccio's.

Summer House (Dore) - Victoria Taylor -


The best steak I have ever had. A little overpriced but I have had really bad steak for the same price.

I couldn't have a starter because there was nothing on there my palate liked but that's my problem not theirs.

My dessert was to die for. Berry Eton Mess... mmmwwwwahh.

Lastly the decor inside and out looked stunning due to millions of mini white and coloured lights.

All in all I would 100% recommend The Summer House. One of the best restaurants I have ever been to.

We have 7 reviews of Summer House.

Summer House (Dore) - Pamela Jones -


First time here. Great food - prawn starter, rib eye steak well done - perfect. Great staff, especially Elliot and Josh. Will be coming again.

We have 7 reviews of Summer House.

Turtle Bay (City Centre) - Sarah Thompson -


Had amazing afternoon the cocktails are beautiful and the staff are amazing. Todd looked after us, he was very polite and a great host. You need to keep him - great lad.

We have 15 reviews of Turtle Bay.

Turtle Bay (City Centre) - Shirley Fiddler -


I have been to Turtle Bay many times and not once have I been disappointed. The staff are lovely and friendly and this time Todd was really good. The cocktails are great and also the food. I love it. Thank you very much.

We have 15 reviews of Turtle Bay.

Crown & Cushion (Chapeltown) - Mark Mason -


Always wondered why the garden of this place is empty, today found out why!

They can serve you a sandwich in the garden but if you want anything else then the dictatorial (about to go bust) landlord, insists you sit inside. Clearly not computing (not that it's difficult) that it's no more effort to carry a sandwich plate or any other plate to the same table outside. This idiot insist that you sit crowded together in an indoor setting to vastly increase you risk of catching Covid!

As other reviews have said, give this place a miss! Before being told that only sandwiches are allowed in the garden we looked at the menu, scampi was £13.99. Off we went to Wetherspoons down the hill. Excellent service, loads of room, incredibly simple to order and pay from the app, FRIENDLY service (you are treated like a customer not an inconvenience), food half the price and a free drink.

Crown & Cushion deserves to go bust, which will hopefully be soon, but not soon enough!

We have 12 reviews of Crown & Cushion.

Monk's Bridge Farm (Dinnington) - Kath -


Two of the worst meals we've had.

Cheeseburger consisted of burger, chips and small amount of coleslaw. Burger bun was very dry with only a beef burger with a slice of cheese, completely dry and difficult to swallow. Menu states burgers come with tomato, lettuce, red onion, and mayonnaise, but none on burger or plate.

Salmon with chilli noodles looked like a plate of micro noodles with a piece of salmon on top.

These meals cannot have been produced by a competent chef, they would not have let such monstrosities out of the kitchen!

We have 20 reviews of Monk's Bridge Farm.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - David Stokes -


The welcoming and friendly pub, service with a smile, which makes all the difference. Food was great and would recommend it to everyone.

We have 32 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Tim Stones -


Have been in for every game during the Euros and what a great atmosphere. The service was fast and the use of the app was easy. The managers (Dave & Casie) have done a great job making everyone welcome. Keep up the good work. Come on England!

We have 32 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Everest (Heeley) - Peter Pternitis -


One * is too much for this terrible food.

Lousy! Worst service ever. 70 minutes for a delivery by a driver telling me to F... off and F... you because I asked him why was the order so late.

The owner, instead of apologising, was VERY rude on the phone, too.

Don't shop here ever again unless you enjoy to wait and be sworn at.

Horrible people to deal with.

The food was also nothing to write about.

We have 34 reviews of Everest.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Taz Gibbs -


So I was just looking to start writing a review when I noticed that two years ago today we also went for our anniversary meal. Being a bit apprehensive going back after so long due to lockdowns and reading other reviews that said it had changed hands, I didn't expect a lot. So when we got there social distancing was in place, which made it a more relaxed atmosphere, and we were greeted by a lovely member of staff called Claire, who showed us to our table then took our order.

I ordered my before usual of mac n cheese and garlic bread and garlic mushrooms, and thought it wouldn't be as nice, but all the food we ordered was tops, came really hot. We had to wait for the chips to cool down, which is what you want, and cooked perfectly.

The only negative thing I have to say this time is that they could maybe employ some more table runners to make sure the tables are wiped as soon as a party leaves, as ours was still dirty. But I'm sure if I asked they would have obliged. And the only other thing was the "veggie sticks" were dry, could be fresher. But overall was good to be back and will be coming back soon.

I'd like to say thank you to Claire for making it a pleasant visit. See you again soon!

We have 32 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Terena Black -


Went to Elmwood pub today, 28th May. Ordered by their app at 8:05pm. Food did not come out. They brought puddings out before food at 9pm. Told them we had not had mains. Finally mains came out, then waited another 30 minutes for pudding. A total mess this app. Only about two service staff on. We asked for a glass and no one brought one out. Disappointed. Kids got fed up of waiting for dinner but the staff were friendly.

We have 27 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Drakehouse Mill (Crystal Peaks) - Pauline Hands -


Excellent service and food. Staff very welcoming. The lady that served us was Alicia and was very nice, helpful, and nothing was too much trouble. Also another gentleman also came to table to see if everything was alright. We will be coming again!

We have 16 reviews of Drakehouse Mill.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Liane Hughes / Walsh -


Went on Thursday 20th May. Wait was really long and as we had to order by the phone app re-Covid-19 we had no idea if they had received it, as we didn't get anything to say they had.

I asked for well done steak and got something extremely over done, even the steak knife they gave me had trouble cutting it.

My husband's order was nowhere near the picture on the app, we even thought they sent a child's portion out.

My son-in-law's burger was also so over-cooked and burnt he couldn't eat it.

My daughter had the carvery, which she said was lovely but wasn't allowed to choose as such, just point to what she wanted then return to our table, so a couple of items were missing.

Will not recommend or rush to go back, sadly, as my grandson loved playing in the kids bit.

We have 27 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Moorlands (Owler Bar) - Stuart -


So glad that you are back. Never had a bad meal here. Read the report from Carl; anyone who can't spell meat should be ignored.

We have 6 reviews of Moorlands.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - Olwen -


I had 3 plaice, 2 peas, and one chips. So disappointed. Worst I've ever had. I know potatoes are rubbish at the moment but they were like sticks. Peas were rubbish. Plaice tasted funny. I had a fish and chip shop for 38 years, I think you need new suppliers. The fat repeats on you as well. It's a shame. It's like throwing money down the drain. My rating is zero.

We have 23 reviews of Whitby's.