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Balti King (Broomhill) - Ajay -


Excellent food at very reasonable price. Very good service and very friendly owner. Would recommend to visit this restaurant.

We have 43 reviews of Balti King.

Balti King (Broomhill) - Sue -


Had a lovely meal here tonight. Tony, the owner, gave us a a friendly welcome.

The food was very generously served and so tasty. There was more food than we could eat!

Will certainly come again.

We have 43 reviews of Balti King.

Taste Of India (Hillsborough) - Lisa Munro -


Not impressed by customer service. Didn't even get to try the food, as they did not want to deliver, as they did not know where they were going, despite being on the same road. Surely you have heard of Google Maps?

We have 8 reviews of Taste Of India.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - Susan Taylor -


So disappointed this evening after picking up a takeaway fish and chip supper for tea. We are regulars to this restaurant and the cod tonight was awful, a flat piece very thin and dry, and had obviously been sat there for a good while. The chips weren't much better. The place was very busy queuing out the door, so not sure why we were given an awful overcooked piece of fish!

We have 18 reviews of Whitby's.

Casanova Pizzeria Ristorante (Crookes) - Deborah -


Very disappointing food.

We brought our own wine (paid £3.00 a head corkage).

Four people went we all had lobster ravioli with prawns.

It was dreadful. Hardly any sauce; a few squares of ravioli, which tasted of nothing; about 2 teaspoons of tomato sauce; no salad or bread or any accompanying vegetables.

Dessert was OK - frozen cheesecake with ice cream. Looked better than it tasted.

Very poor food and the waitress chased us for a tip after we left!

We have 12 reviews of Casanova Pizzeria Ristorante.

Balti King (Broomhill) - Sarah -


I would give this 0 star if I could. Staff were extremely rude and argumentative over added "items" onto the bill. I believe they may have got the bill mixed up with another diner. However, when I mentioned I had only ordered two curries and one rice, not the 9 items that were on the receipt, they threatened to call the police if I wasn't willing to pay.

We have 43 reviews of Balti King.

Bambukat (Broomhill) - Eliza -


Visited Sheffield last week with friends and stumbled upon Bambukat. We love Indian food so we decided to give it a try. So glad we did!

The food was so authentic and flavoursome, portion sizes were perfect. We had a thali each and a few starters. Service was first-class, the gentleman who served us couldn't do enough for us, we even got to meet the very talented chefs!

Probably the best Indian we have had. Would rate 10 stars if I could.

Restaurant was spotlessly clean! Will defo be returning on the next visit to Sheffield.

We have 5 reviews of Bambukat.

Kurdistan (Burngreave) - Lesley Marshall -


Very friendly and welcoming restaurant and the food is delicious!

My friend and I had lamb kusi, which included a large helping of rice, separate salad, and large chunks of tender lamb, and an aubergine dish, whilst my friend had grilled chicken kebabs, again with rice and other sundries. Large portions and free water and lentil soup on arriving - absolutely excellent!

We have 7 reviews of Kurdistan.

Crosspool Tavern (Crosspool) - Hilary A Bird -


We ordered easy food! The calamari and chicken starters were great! We were told we would get our starters delivered to table 7. We had to collect them when the buzzer went off!

Incredibly shabby, food mediocre, pizza soaked in cheese and oil, no salad, no chips, no help at all! You have to be kidding me, this is not pleasant at all.

We have 8 reviews of Crosspool Tavern.

Smoke Barbecue (City Centre) - Maya -


First visit in Sheffield with my family and decided to go to Smoke Barbecue restaurant. We ordered the meat platter for 2 and I was so disappointed when I tasted the chicken and straight away I puked the meat out. Smelt bad and the taste was horrible. The chips and the pulled pork were so greasy. Called the manager to complain about it but she wouldn't have it.

The staff were very friendly but the food was awful. Never going back there again.

We have 16 reviews of Smoke Barbecue.

Indus (Attercliffe) - Jagdeep Singh -


Very tasty food and friendly staff.

Lamb curry was so delicious!

Must go place for Indian food.

We have 7 reviews of Indus.

Canton Orchard (Ranmoor) - Justin -


Disgusting. Manager is rude, abusive and a vile human being. We didn't even get to order when he threw a tantrum and ordered us out of the restaurant for asking a simple question about the menu online being different to the one he gave us. Absolutely disgraceful manners and as for the restaurant itself - shabby, dirty and second rate at best.

We have 17 reviews of Canton Orchard.

Coal Grill and Bar (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Catriona -


Terrible service. Knife was dirty on the table. My sister ordered a fish with prawns and specifically asked for no prawns and the waitress heard and the dish came out with prawns in it, imagine if she had an allergy, no excuse. Then she just removed them in the back.

Also we asked for 30% with our cinema tickets at the beginning and the bill came out at full price along with a £12 service charge for terrible service.

Would not recommend.

We have 17 reviews of Coal Grill and Bar.

Museum (City Centre) - Janice Greaves -


Not even really 1 star for bar service. Not tried food, but man behind bar tonight was rude, nasty, little man power control.

We have 5 reviews of Museum.

Treble Bob (Barlborough) - Kath Nelson -


Had a lovely meal as always. The staff were very friendly and cheerful. Alysha was serving us and very polite and cheerful. She also came to check everything was OK and did we need anything.

Will see you again soon. Thank you very much for a lovely meal once again.

We have 3 reviews of Treble Bob.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Denise Clarke -


Came on Saturday night to celebrate my grandson's birthday. Bar staff made us feel very welcome, nice and friendly.

But we came to order food and was told there was no burgers whatsoever. OK we thought, so ordered something else. Food was average.

Then several of our party wanted deserts. They had a choice of 5 different ones, but when we went to order again we were told they did not have 3 out of the 5 available.

So to say we were disappointed overall with the visit would be an understatement.

We have 21 reviews of Sword Dancer.

McDonald's (Hillsborough) - Amy Cahill -


Really nice chap working when we went in this week. Took time to talk to my little boy with autism. Makes a change. Thanks, Roland, from Riley.

We have 6 reviews of McDonald's.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Chris -


Been going here occasionally for the last few years and the food has always been fairly OK.

Recently went for a birthday meal on the 21st of July and the food was truly awful. The sister-in-law had egg, chips and beans, and the eggs were hard and cold. My mate's baked beans looked like they'd been scraped from the bottom of a burnt pan. Portion sizes also seem a lot smaller than before and not very filling. And for the price, you want to at least feel full after your meal, but no.

We did complain, as it was just shocking to be fair, and they emailed the sister-in-law some 40% off vouchers but I don't think we'll be going back again.

I just can't work out how a chef can mess up a couple of eggs and a portion of beans so badly. I wish I knew how to upload pictures on here so you could see how bad it was. The chef needs sending back to college or sacked.

Meadow Farm was a decent place to eat a few years ago but recently just seems to be going downhill. I've heard good things about their breakfast and carvery though, but it's just too inconsistent for anything more. Please sort it out, would be a fantastic place for the family if the chef could actually cook.

We have 27 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Zara's (Crookes) - Jeana Grey -


As noted here before, the customer services is a nightmare and the food is ordinary and very pricey. As almost all "Indian restaurants" in the UK, this one is also Pakistani, not Indian. Different spice palate.

I ordered the mushroom dish, I got 1.5 mushrooms and a lot of other vegetables. It didn't taste very good. I complained and the owner said "I'll tell the chef." That was it about my non-mushroom dish.

I got a bill of 30 pounds for 2 people! I asked to get 3 boxes for the leftovers, I got one. I asked the owner he said "don't worry we didn't take your left over for ourselves". Seriously? I wanted to know why the hell you mixed the left overs from 2 different people. "All my customer never complained" he said. I told him that I don't like to taste the saliva of other people in my food. "Fine fine fine" he said and showed me to the door. What an expensive nightmare.

We have 4 reviews of Zara's.

Bay of Bengal (Gleadless) - Lorna Barnett -


Very disappointed. Never had a lamb pasanda that was a salmon coloured puree of no substance and extremely sweet.

Certainly won't be ordering takeaway again from here.

We have 31 reviews of Bay of Bengal.