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Coal Grill and Bar (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Jordanna -


My experience here was horrendous. I will never go back here again, it is genuinely the worst restaurant I have ever been in.

Upon arriving we were greeted by a really nice waiter and genuinely I thought we had picked a good place to eat. He gave us a drinks menu and told us what he recommended, so naturally we went for the drinks he pointed out. However, when they came they were so bland and it was basically a shot of gin and raspberry purée. We asked if we could have a different drink, as they were so bland and tasted awful and they gave us the menu back to get different drinks - which I appreciated.

After the drinks fiasco we ordered food and genuinely thought what we ordered looked nice on the menu. For starter we ordered the nachos and it literally looked like someone had chucked nachos on the plate - squirted tomato sauce on them and melted some cheese on top, along with some jalapeños out of the jar. You should never judge a book by its cover and with that in mind we tried it. In this case, we realised it was just as bad as it looked. The nachos weren't bad but the cheese was not melted AT ALL and it was stone cold underneath. You could actually see where the cheese hadn't been melted.

We asked for it to be taken back because it was cold and the waitress took it. Upon her return she told us that it was cold because the guacamole was fresh and it meant that it would be cold. Umm? What!? We literally just said to them that at this point we wanted to leave and we would pay for the drinks but not the food because we had one nacho each and couldn't eat any more. Thankfully they told us that they would write off the whole bill but even so I feel like that had to be done after such a horrendous experience.

Definitely avoid, we learnt the hard way.

We have 14 reviews of Coal Grill and Bar.

Papa Ciccio's (Crosspool) - Sam -


Service and food is absolutely amazing here. The steaks are cooked extremely well, unlike a lot of places I've been to. This is my go-to restaurant for special events and will continue to go. I recommend the goats cheese starter and steak with Parma ham and blue cheese sauce! Will be visiting on my birthday this year.

The only small complaint I have is the restaurant is very small so it can feel a little crammed if there are big parties in there, it definitely doesn't ruin the atmosphere though.

The staff are always very friendly and welcoming and provide a great service.

We have 6 reviews of Papa Ciccio's.

Cosmo (City Centre) - Jin -


The manager has very bad attitudes. No apologies & manager skills at all. Hope his boss knows how bad he is.

We have 19 reviews of Cosmo.

Peacock Inn (Owler Bar) - Mrs Wilson Herbert -


We have been going to the Peacock at Owler Bar now for a number of years and have always enjoyed our experience. We have had Christmas dinners there over the years (room 31).

Recently we booked a table and when we arrived the table was occupied, despite the restaurant being almost empty. The food is not now nicely presented, and seemed poor quality. The staff seem young and inexperienced, but polite.

It's very sad. We were going to book a table for seven for Christmas, but we shall give it a miss this year.

We have 18 reviews of Peacock Inn.

Whirlow Hall Farm Cafe (Whirlow) - Enid Hirst -


We held a pre-wedding family and friends get-together in June. The venue was superb, the staff were brilliant and the food was varied and wonderful - suitable for all tastes.

The weather was perfect but so was the setting for the party.

If you are thinking of holding a party then see Kelvin and he will help you to arrange it.

I can't thank the staff enough for providing such a wonderful venue and scrumptious food.

This is the first review of Whirlow Hall Farm Cafe.

Miller & Carter (Parkhead) - Dave Scott -


Overpriced, understaffed and a clueless kitchen, Gordon Ramsay would have a birthday in there. Probably one of his best shows ever.

Quarter of an iceberg lettuce with a dribble of mayo is neither side, accompaniment nor garnish. Not having brought the pet rabbit, one wonders why they were even presented with the starters. Three scallops on what appeared to be a bird table of dry bread crumbs made us wonder if we had booked a table on "Bring a pet night".

Why one tiny serving of mushy peas was placed in a large stainless measuring cup is beyond me, when it would have been easier to leave it on the teaspoon. Although the cod was cooked, the batter was not, which takes a bit of doing even with zero cooking skills. Note to Chef. Potatoes are peeled for a reason, that being to stop chips tasting of topsoil. Leaving skins on so as to reduce the absorption of old oil is not a valid cooking practice.

As I looked around at other dishes and the lame attempts at nouveau presentation I couldn't help wonder what had been ordered when I spotted the steak that ranged through the colours of the rainbow from black to blue.

This is a beautiful pub and the waiting staff were very apologetic that the three course meal took over two hours to serve. We even discussed having cornflakes for desert it took that long.

Come back Gordon Ramsay all is forgiven.

This is the first review of Miller & Carter.

Arooj (Attercliffe) - Mohammed Shahim -


I've been a few times with friends and had a buffet. The food was excellent. Would highly recommend to family and friends. All the stuff was nice.

We have 3 reviews of Arooj.

Drakehouse Mill (Crystal Peaks) - Mrs S Noble -


After visiting Sheffield with my husband we decided to call at Drakehouse Mill for a meal before returning home to Holton Le Clay.

My husband had scampi, which was reasonable. I had jacket potato and salad. The salad was brown and wilted. I returned it to the kitchen. They returned it with more salad on top of the other. When I cut into the potato it was all congealed. They took it away but did nothing about it. I had to ask for a refund.

We have 10 reviews of Drakehouse Mill.

BB's (City Centre) - Kate Bramhall -


I eat here around 4 times a year! It is my favourite restaurant. My favourite dishes are the carbonara and the fillet steak.

The service is amazing and the food is very good value.

I love that you can bring your own wine, too!

We have 9 reviews of BB's.

Bay of Bengal (Gleadless) - John -


Ordered 4 meals, with 3 of them ending up in the bin. The meals came in tacky plastic containers and all were cold. The food was bland and nothing like what was expected. There's a lot better restaurants out there.

We have 30 reviews of Bay of Bengal.

La Romantica (Heeley) - Maria -


Had a lovely meal last night. Haven't been for a while but used to years ago. And still great food and reasonable prices, too. My husband had a fabulous fillet steak and at a great price, too. Will be back there again soon.

We have 10 reviews of La Romantica.

Cubana (City Centre) - Rachel and Carl -


What a fantastic find, a hidden gem in Leopold Square.

The best gluten-free menu we could find, wonderful courtyard location. Friendly staff, super food, amazing value, such a shame we don't live in Sheffield. as it would be our regular.

Looking forward to our next trip to Sheffield and bringing friends.

We have 14 reviews of Cubana.

Castle Inn (Bradway) - Paul Wharton -


We had a joint 60th birthday celebration at the Castle Inn for 34 family members of all ages and close friends and it was truly wonderful. Right from the word go, the chefs, Jack Baker & Jack Windsor, were so helpful in choosing menus and making every effort possible to accommodate some of our guests who had severe food allergies. The organisation was first class.

On the day the food was exceptional and all served piping hot, which is an achievement with so many guests spread over three tables. All our guests commentated that it was one of the best meals they had ever had, and of the highest standard. The staff were all exceptionally friendly and helpful. The beers and selected wines were also first class.

Cannot recommend the Castle Inn highly enough, whether it be for a meal on your own, for a family or for a large party! You will not be disappointed!

Thanks to Jack and Jack and all the team at The Castle Inn for making our day so very special.

We have 5 reviews of Castle Inn.

Turtle Bay (City Centre) - Lee Kenton -


Avoid like the plague. No complaints about the way the food tasted or the service, but me and my wife both coincidentally had all the symptoms of severe food poisoning after eating here. Due to me working away, we had not shared any other food for at least 3 days prior to this. Draw your own conclusions from that, but the complaint I have raised since has been dealt with pathetically.

This is the first review of Turtle Bay.

Maveli (City Centre) - Graham Walsh -


Absolutely superb on both occasions we have visited (and we live near Bradford so have a good base from which to judge). Beautiful flavours and a lovely freshness to everything.

We have 2 reviews of Maveli.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Aileen Smith -


When The Sword Dancer opened we thought it was great, a local pub with good, inexpensive food. Since the refurbishment, however, I feel standards have dropped.

Our last three visits were disappointing, with the last one being the worst. Our table and cutlery were dirty and the floor covered in food. It took at least three attempts to get some food, as each item we chose it was unavailable, and when it did come it wasn't cooked as we'd asked.

Get your act together and be the pub you once were before you lose more custom.

On a positive note, the staff were great and very helpful.

We have 10 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Viraaj (Woodseats) - Robin -


Best curry house around. Rarely eat in but regularly get takeaways. Staff are always friendly and the food is great.

We have 4 reviews of Viraaj.