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Peacock (Stannington) - Belindst -


Service was fine but the meal was tiny! I was left feeling hungry and disappointed in the bite-size portion. This place must have changed hands because it was always a decent meal before.

We have 2 reviews of Peacock.

Ka China (Wales) - Sarah -


After its refurbishment, I would highly recommend this restaurant for a sit down meal in this area.

We have 4 reviews of Ka China.

Milestone (Kelham Island) - Shelly -


The manager is an ignorant, disrespectful excuse of a manager who is running a restaurant still alive because it's Michelin approved, who tells people when they ring to enquire about something "oh just f**k off" and puts the phone down thinking the person cannot hear on the other side.

We have 11 reviews of Milestone.

West 10 (Ranmoor) - Su -


This is such a lovely local treasure. A gorgeous wine bar in leafy Ranmoor. The food is exceptional and the service second-to-none. A comprehensive wine list and the owner (Jonnie) really does know his stuff. Very friendly both locals and staff. Very highly recommend a visit.

We have 3 reviews of West 10.

Aagrah (Crystal Peaks) - Ali Khan -


Went to this place last night and I'm extremely disappointed in the place. The manager wasn't welcoming at all. He said "we are fully booked, sorry" when actually no one was sat on half of the tables. Somehow he managed to get us a table.

We were forced to have the buffet, but we went for the menu, which obviously he didn't like.

Service was really poor and the attitude of the staff was disgusting. Food was good but the poor service and attitude put us off.

I'd like higher management to look into this because I didn't pay for the awful service and attitude.

Neither I'd go nor recommend this place to anybody.

We have 5 reviews of Aagrah.

Peacock (Stannington) - Malcolm -


After just having a Sunday dinner here at The Peacock 03/06/2018, I can only describe the meal as terrible.

The parsnips were undercooked, the cauliflower cheese was hard & tasteless, the beef was chewy. Presentation was horrendous.

Our grandson, who has a good appetite, left half of his kids meal as well. Why you are given a plate the size you are for the small dessert you get is beyond me.

As you may have guessed, we will not be returning.

We have 2 reviews of Peacock.

Drakehouse Mill (Crystal Peaks) - Cheryl -


Staff not very helpful, cutlery dirty. Staff said they had run out of Coke but as soon as we sat down after placing our order they filled the machine. So basically he couldn't be bothered to change it. Mash was really dry.

Will not be going again.

We have 8 reviews of Drakehouse Mill.

Cosmo (City Centre) - Zak -


Never again. Visited the Sheffield branch for a second time on 30th May after a year. Nothing changed. With the exception of the Tepenyaki, the rest of the food was bland. An egg sandwich from the local supermarket had more taste. Pretty peed off. 10pm and they started closing. Went back for some Tepenyaki and they had closed it already. Would have been courtesy to make it clear before being seated.

Ice creams were melted or refrozen. Desserts were hacked, messy and not replenished. Staff could at least make a little effort to be on top of presentation.

Would have been better off going to Pizza Express next door. Appreciate that's not to everyone's preference / budget and option, but at least you can be certain of good quality food.

We have 18 reviews of Cosmo.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - R Wood -


Slow service to say the restaurant was quiet. When the food eventually arrived there were problems with them from bits missing, cold food and food that had been cooked for far too long.

Used this chain before and never had a problem but never this restaurant, it's put us off using this chain of restaurants altogether. The staff in this particular restaurant were more interested in socialising with each other than serving us... it needs addressing.

We have 24 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Monk's Bridge Farm (Dinnington) - Malcolm Cousins -


Hi it's been 6 months since I have eaten here, and it will be another six months before we come again.

The problem is still the same. I'm not a greedy person, but I thought it was called a carvery. You have to put more veg on your plate to make up for the lack of meat. I'm not pulling the chef down, with the skills he has got to cut meat that thin he would make more money doing skin grafts in a hospital.

We have 12 reviews of Monk's Bridge Farm.

Brook at Troway (Troway) - Dawn & Andy -


Found out today it's closing the 3rd of June. Massive shame, food always good and the staff are so attentive. Really feel sorry for the staff. Wish them all the best of luck.

We have 8 reviews of Brook at Troway.

Monk's Bridge Farm (Dinnington) - Lindsey -


We visit Monk's Bridge on a regular basis and I have to say 9 times out of 10 we are 100% happy. But, we generally go on a Sunday and have the carvery. Beautiful and well worth the money. However, the times we go mid-week and choose off the menu it is usually pretty poor.

Today, a hot Sunday and not really in the mood for a carvery, we ordered a ploughman's burger. The menu stated it came with iceberg lettuce, red onion, and burger sauce. Our burgers arrived with none of these. I asked where the salad was and was told it did not come with salad. I looked again at the menu and it is clear it does.

The burger was dry and hard to swallow. I have found on a few occasions that their meals from the main menu are poor.

The staff are friendly and welcoming; the carvery is spot on; it is a lovely, well-kept place; but I feel it is let down by the everyday menu.

The last time we had a bad meal there my other half refused to go back. After a while we tried again. I'm sorry, but you are losing customers. Please put as much effort in to your everyday menu as you do your carvery. It's letting you down! I love this place but I do want to enjoy ANY meal I have there!

We have 12 reviews of Monk's Bridge Farm.

Peacock Inn (Owler Bar) - Marre -


Went for Sunday lunch 20/05/2018. Restaurant was not busy. Waited 45 minutes for meal to arrive, after having to ask how longer it would be. Was then told that was the waiting time. No mention at time of order.

When my meal came it looked like it had been thrown on to the plate. The sliced beef was tough, Yorkshire puddings was hard to cut, some of the potatoes you could not get your fork into, and the vegetables were mixed together, not place separately.

Not a nice experience. Would not go again.

We have 17 reviews of Peacock Inn.

Mirpuri Dhera (Darnall) - Saddef -


Visiting from out of town and went to this place just by chance after reading the reviews. We were hesitant as to what to expect but what a surprise - songs were on point, ambience was amazing, food was fingerlicious and the staff could not be more helpful. We truly were impressed and definitely would recommend this place and we will be visiting again soon!

We have 14 reviews of Mirpuri Dhera.

ChaoBaby (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Gill Woolley -


This is the third time we have been here. Always friendly staff, efficient, hard working. Excellent selection of food and plenty of it. I like it because I don't eat spicy food and there is always something I can eat. Would recommend to any of our friends.

We have 2 reviews of ChaoBaby.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - David P -


Called on Saturday 5th May after a night at the races. Time was 8:55pm and asked if we were too late to sit down to eat. Four of us in total. The waiter was very helpful and said no.

We sat down, ordered our food, which was with us within 10 minutes. Best fish and chips I have ever had. Batter so light, real chips, and the fish was perfect. Staff were so attentive.

Finished off a great night out. Will be calling again.

We have 9 reviews of Whitby's.

Aagrah (Crystal Peaks) - Kash -


So we were regular visitors to this restaurant along with my family. However, we decided to go on a weekday. Here is what we ate and how we found it:

+ Seekh kebabs were warmed up from last night, not fresh
+ Chicken Roast - under-cooked and could see RED under-cooked meat (complained about but no response what so ever)
+ Biryani - full of too much Garam Masala and Pickle which overpowered the rest
+ Pilao Rice - again not fresh
+ Vegetable curries (all of them were crap)
+ Pasta - nothing in the pasta container other than a half spoon full
+ Naan - under-cooked with uncooked dough in it

On top of that, we went with 2 kids (3 & 5) and we were charged full price for kids as well.

Not going back again. They have lost a regular customer.

We have 5 reviews of Aagrah.