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Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - NJB -


Great food.

Bit of a disappointment today, as I had ordered dessert with my order and popped to a member of staff who said I need to queue for it. I explained that I had already paid for it and I just needed it bringing to the table. No, you need to queue. Bearing in mind there was a queue of a good 10 people. I explained that I had never done that before - having to queue again when an order had already been placed to get a dessert. I asked what was the difference from me just pulling a member of staff from my seat and asking them to bring my dessert as was I ready. No, you have to queue. I said it takes seconds.

I sat down and just pulled a member of staff, a lovely young lady who got me straight away, no questions asked or saying you have to go get it. So which is it?

The girl who got it for me thank you, lovely customer service. Shame about the other and the management.

We have 37 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Caffe Piazza (City Centre) - Helen Eyre -


Visited Caffe Piazza for the second time today. Food arrived quickly & was really nice, just as good as the first time. The staff were very polite & friendly. They were giving small Easter eggs to customers which was a nice touch. Will be going again soon & if you haven't tried it yet would definitely recommend giving it a go.

We have 2 reviews of Caffe Piazza.

Ayesha's (Dronfield) - MJJB -


Food was delicious.

Really have a concern about the way the owner treats the young female staff. Absolutely not okay. Actually witnessed a menu thrown at a girl, like a dart, for her to stand up on the table by the owner! Outrageous.

We have 6 reviews of Ayesha's.

Turtle Bay (City Centre) - J -


We visited yesterday for bottomless brunch and I have never had such a bad brunch in my life.

First problem - food ordered with mac and cheese, and mac and cheese never received and substituted for chips.

Second Problem - 30 minutes of no service and a chef having to come out of the kitchen to see if everything was OK and then seat 5/6 people as no one was serving and no staff on the floor.

Third Problem - ordered Prosecco thinking it would be a quick drink for staff to make and received 15 minutes later.

Fourth problem - complained at the end and asked for a discount or compromise to account for the lack of service and drinks, only to be told no and having to argue for 25 minutes before receiving any compensation.

Fifth problem - since when did a bottomless brunch have an average or limit of 9 drinks a person and being told that you had the 'average'. I paid for bottomless not to be 'averaged' and the amount of money paid didn't reflect the service provided.

Do not recommend this specific restaurant and in future will be travelling to Leeds, as this is the second time dining and drinking here, and had problems/issues both times.

We have 18 reviews of Turtle Bay.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Rob Taylor -


Been today for our tea & all we could hear was a guy sat at the bar. Every other word was a swear word, and his girlfriend was brushing her hair sat at the bar. Then they started kissing each other at the bar. Will not be going back there.

We have 37 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Wortley Arms (Wortley) - Richard Naylor -


Pretty disappointed with the food at this place. Sunday lunch. Beef is rubbery, extremely pink and and I felt sick eating it. Lamb was little different. Fish had too much greasy batter and vegetarian option was a joke - half an onion in some hard pastry with some horrible sweet stuff on top. Mashed potato tasted like instant stuff... Big portions but not much use if it's a chore to eat.

We have 12 reviews of Wortley Arms.

Wong Ting (City Centre) - Kelly -


Very rude staff, sat us down and within seconds asking if we were ready to order. Ordered our food, starters and main, they fetched everything out together. Felt really rushed. Won't be returning that's for sure.

We have 15 reviews of Wong Ting.

Turtle Bay (City Centre) - Kyle -


They really need fire the chefs and hire some all Caribbean chefs so that they know the food is meant to be hot and not cold and how to add flavour etc... Place needs getting rid of staff inside and new staff needs to go in. Can't be serving cold food and lukewarm food. Very irresponsible and it's a letdown to Caribbean culture.

We have 18 reviews of Turtle Bay.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Dawn Edley -


Went for something to eat tonight. Two adults and two kids. Food lovely. Good prices. Little play area for kids. Large enough if you don't go with kids to sit somewhere quiet also. Staff very friendly and helpful. I've eaten there with and without kids. Always enjoy the food.

We have 37 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Akbar's (Rotherham) - Tricia Clayton -


Love coming to Akbar's. The food is absolutely beautiful, the restaurant setting is lovely, and I've never had a rude member of staff serve me EVER, and my family and lots of friends go regularly.

We have 15 reviews of Akbar's.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Elaine Kirby -


Once again had a lovely meal, which was the Sea Bass. Absolutely delicious and lovely garlic mashed potato. I can't get too much of garlic.

We have 37 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Jade Smith -


Massive thank you to the staff at Meadow Farm, especially Gabriela, who blended food for one of the women I look after. This was done amazingly and presented so nicely. Thank you from all our staff and residents who was there.

We have 37 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Janeen -


Me and my friends go here lots. Breakfast and carvery is amazing.

Amy served us today. Always lovely and friendly to us. Nothing too much trouble for her, she's great.

We have 40 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Peacock (Stannington) - Sue Dennett -


Meals arrived but not as described on menu.

Lunch time - meal 1 naan bread instead of pita bread with chicken breast. Mediterranean salad consisted of few pathetic leaves only.

Meal 2 dirty chicken strips with melted cheese on chips, which were cut into small pieces rather than strips as stated (obviously to look more).

Meal 3 was reasonable but not great.

Overpriced for what they were. Would have expected the dirty chicken strips would have cost no more than £1.50 to produce (if that) and was £9.50.

Disgusting and extortionate. Wouldn't recommend or revisit.

We have 10 reviews of Peacock.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Julie Carr -


Went for a carvery Sunday 12/11/2023. Absolutely beautiful. The beef was tender, Yorkshire puddings were delicious, veg was beautiful. Staff behind the carvery counter were friendly. Very busy so had to queue for a little while but expected when that busy. Totally different to my previous visit a year ago. Will definitely be returning.

We have 40 reviews of Elmwood Farm.