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Summer House (Dore) - Donna Dey -


Came here for my mum's 70th birthday meal. The food was overpriced. We all had the steak, which was frozen chips, a bit of lettuce. The steak wasn't very nice.

The food is nothing like it is in the photos. It is very expensive for just basic food when you expect something at bit more.

Very disappointing. Will not ever return here or recommend.

We have 4 reviews of Summer House.

La Taverna di Ferdinando (Greenhill) - Julie Wright -


Visited with our friends who often come to this restaurant, as they're from Sheffield. We're from Leicester and it certainly won't be the last time we come here. Food, ambience and staff were all excellent.

Can't wait to return. Worth the travel. A little authentic place of loveliness.

Thank you :)

We have 13 reviews of La Taverna di Ferdinando.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Karen Scarafile -


Just ordered drinks for my family in Elmwood Farm. My granddaughter aged 10 wanted a Coke. It was served in a pint pot and cost £2.70. We were told that was the smallest they do. That is ridiculous for a child's drink. No complaints about the carvery but will consider going somewhere else where they provide reasonably priced drinks for children.

We have 23 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Peacock Inn (Owler Bar) - Sue Fox -


Just had Sunday lunch at the Peacock, Owler Bar, Sheffield. Sadly this was our last attempt of trying again. Have dinned a few times. Each time got worse, with long periods between, thinking the chef would change. No, nice place but very poor, cold food, lack of staff. The two staff on duty were run off their feet. So sad, as it's such a nice pub. And for what you get it's not cheap.

We have 21 reviews of Peacock Inn.

Museum (City Centre) - Mal Mason -


We love this place the staff are wonderful + the food is great, never disappoints - except when it's unavailable due to high demand - always a good sign!

Special thanks to Kirsty who goes over + above to make the visit really special.

Thank you all & to the chef xxx

We have 7 reviews of Museum.

Turtle Bay (City Centre) - Vicky -


Food was cold; had to send starters back, as cold. We went as a party of 9. 4 of us ordered the babyback ribs. All 4 had to go back, was cold. 2 of us ordered the cheesy spiced fries, was cold and soggy, sent them back as well.

Cocktails was great and our waitress was lovely, but was very, very disappointed with food.

Will not return.

We have 9 reviews of Turtle Bay.

Museum (City Centre) - Fran Colliver -


Such a friendly city centre pub, staff all really lovely. My sister and I eat and drink there most Thursdays when we can. Yesterday the food was spot on even though the bar was busy. The superfood salad with sweet potato koftas tasted great and was really well presented. Brilliant.

We have 7 reviews of Museum.

Kurdistan (Burngreave) - Hayley Jane Adams -


The most horrible restaurant ever!

We arrived and got mouldy bread served. When we complained he said that we had ruined the bread on purpose ourselves! How can you make bread mouldy yourself!

When we asked for our main course he became rude and started swearing in his own language. I walked towards the kitchen and there came a foul smell from there which made me almost vomit. When I looked at kitchen area I saw a dead mouse!

I would never eat at this place and waste my money. These people and this place are vile!

We have 8 reviews of Kurdistan.

Coal Grill and Bar (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Siobhan Garnham-Parks -


It was a shambles from start to finish.

Firstly, we were asked if we wanted a jug of water for the table, we were given a glass each and this was never refilled let alone were we asked if we wanted it refilled.

I have an allergy to mushrooms so when I ordered the coal firesticks I asked if this could be served with no mushrooms. They told me I couldn't have any veg at all. If you can't accommodate allergies something else should be offered to make up for the lack of veg.

The starters were okay. The calamari was quite greasy but it was edible.

The mains were where it all went drastically wrong. The rice that came with my meal was microwave rice that still had large clumps of rice and tasted like Aldi's golden vegetable rice. The chips on mine and my boyfriend's meal were cold and greasy. The onion rings that were served to us were served from the pass and had been there since we arrived, as I had been watching the kitchen. Don't have an open kitchen if your chefs are cutting corners. The mac and two cheese my boyfriend ordered was cold and the sauce tasted of milk and not of cheese at all.

I waited 20 minutes for our waiter to come and check if I wanted another drink, despite my glass being empty. It then took a further twenty minutes to get it and a nudge to the waiter.

We spoke to the manager and she discounted some items.

We asked for the bill and this took twenty minutes and then we had to ask the manager.

The bill was £50 and to be quite honest I could have made the same meal at home for £20 so I am disgusted I have paid this amount for the diabolical meal we were served.

I can honestly say I have never had a worse experience at a restaurant.

We have 18 reviews of Coal Grill and Bar.

Taste Of India (Hillsborough) - Roy -


I wish I could score this restaurant a zero!

We visited a couple of weeks ago following a funeral, so we were early. In fact it had only just opened. The member of staff was standing reading a newspaper at the bar and barely acknowledged us when we walked in. We asked for a table for 2 and he pointed to a table in the corner and almost threw two menus at us. He didn't ask us if we wanted a drink but walked off so we had to find him to ask.

The table cloth at the table we were sitting at was filthy, as was the cloth and cutlery of the table we moved to.

While we were waiting for our drinks, which he didn't seem to be sorting, another member of staff walked in. The two of them walked into the kitchen together and were laughing and joking. At that point we left.

Awful experience. I wonder if they rely on their customers eating late when it's dark and they've had a belly full of beer for the usual good reviews!

We have 9 reviews of Taste Of India.

Zizzi (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Deborah Turtle -


Tried booking Zizzi's for a joint birthday meal for my husband and sister, only to be told that the party of 8 was too big. How ridiculous is that. Turning away customers. I don't think we will be returning in the future.

This is the first review of Zizzi.

Balti King (Broomhill) - Ajay -


Excellent food at very reasonable price. Very good service and very friendly owner. Would recommend to visit this restaurant.

We have 44 reviews of Balti King.

Balti King (Broomhill) - Sue -


Had a lovely meal here tonight. Tony, the owner, gave us a a friendly welcome.

The food was very generously served and so tasty. There was more food than we could eat!

Will certainly come again.

We have 44 reviews of Balti King.

Taste Of India (Hillsborough) - Lisa Munro -


Not impressed by customer service. Didn't even get to try the food, as they did not want to deliver, as they did not know where they were going, despite being on the same road. Surely you have heard of Google Maps?

We have 9 reviews of Taste Of India.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - Susan Taylor -


So disappointed this evening after picking up a takeaway fish and chip supper for tea. We are regulars to this restaurant and the cod tonight was awful, a flat piece very thin and dry, and had obviously been sat there for a good while. The chips weren't much better. The place was very busy queuing out the door, so not sure why we were given an awful overcooked piece of fish!

We have 18 reviews of Whitby's.

Casanova Pizzeria Ristorante (Crookes) - Deborah -


Very disappointing food.

We brought our own wine (paid £3.00 a head corkage).

Four people went we all had lobster ravioli with prawns.

It was dreadful. Hardly any sauce; a few squares of ravioli, which tasted of nothing; about 2 teaspoons of tomato sauce; no salad or bread or any accompanying vegetables.

Dessert was OK - frozen cheesecake with ice cream. Looked better than it tasted.

Very poor food and the waitress chased us for a tip after we left!

We have 12 reviews of Casanova Pizzeria Ristorante.