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Prince of Wales (Banner Cross) - Maggie Bramwell -


I admit I did not make the right choice for my main meal yesterday evening. Panko chicken fine, but the linguine was awful - tasteless and overcooked. It should not have been on the plate. Surely chips or new potatoes served with a vegetable i.e. green beans would have made it a better meal.

My husband had the fillet steak, which he said was cooked to perfection.

The staff are brilliant; very polite and pleasant.

We have 9 reviews of Prince of Wales.

Waggon & Horses (Millhouses) - Christine Wood -


My husband and I decided to try a meal at the Waggon & Horses, which on reflection was a big mistake.

The food was of a very poor standard. My choice was gammon, which arrived in a thick chunk, was tough to cut and very, very salty, accompanied by thin sad looking chips. The peas & mushroom equally were tasteless.

My husband had pie, which he said was passable. Again, served with sad chips etc...

What a disappointment, alongside a small, dreary dessert and one drink each, plus two coffees.

We will not be returning. To sum things up the meal was a complete waste of money. The only good thing was that the bar & waiting staff were very helpful.

We have 16 reviews of Waggon & Horses.

Park (Hillsborough) - Josephine Hattersley -


Seven of us went for a Christmas meal on Sunday 19th Dec 2021. Only two of us had the Christmas dinner. It was the worst meal I've ever tasted. The roast potatoes were white and uncooked, the bit I tasted was terrible, it left a vile taste in my mouth.

If this pub can't cook a decent meal other than ding food then they should stick to selling beer only.

This is the first review of Park.

Moorlands (Owler Bar) - Anne Purden -


Visited for Christmas lunch. The food and service was outstanding. The only downside was that the tables are small, particularly when four adults are seated.

We have 7 reviews of Moorlands.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Cheryl Jones -


After asking for our Xmas dinner to be sent as a take out for Xmas day due to the fact that I have Covid and missed our family meal, what we received was disgusting for £90 for two. Four profiteroles, five roast potatoes, five parsnips, a spoonful of cauliflower, and a mush of meat (I'm not sure what), and a sliver of salmon. Not enough to make one meal, never mind two. Wouldn't give it my dog.

We have 33 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - Jane Keeley -


We absolutely love our haddock and chips from here. We eat them in the car, as we cannot wait until we got home. The staff are lovely and always bright and cheerful.

We have 25 reviews of Whitby's.

Baan Thai (City Centre) - Scott North -


Baan Thai tonight. The food was amazing. Lovely, polite staff. Friendly atmosphere. Going again on New Year's Eve.

We have 6 reviews of Baan Thai.

Old Red Lion (Grenoside) - Ann Hodkinson -


The Old Red Lion at Grenoside is so cosy and full of lovely atmosphere. We were a party of sixteen and were seated straight away when we arrived. The meal was really good - I had duck pate which was so tasty and then a turkey meal with all the accompaniments - especially loved the stuffing and then I had ice cream. My friends all really enjoyed the meal.

We have 13 reviews of Old Red Lion.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Martin Judge -


Thank you, your staff are so helpful and smiling faces. The ambience is amazing and food was very enjoyable.

We will definitely be coming back soon.

We have 32 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Old Red Lion (Grenoside) - Hazel Reading -


We came for lunch yesterday, Wednesday. The food was delicious and the service was excellent and the staff were very accommodating. I had steak pie with caramelised onion and it was beautiful, the steak was so tender and the flaky pie top was just right. I will definitely recommend. Thank you.

We have 13 reviews of Old Red Lion.

Bowshaw Inn (Dronfield) - Nathan -


Called in today to be told cannot eat unless booked. Unfortunately we hadn't booked but was able to stay and have a drink at the bar. Noticed a lot of people being turned away due to not booked. We was there an hour and hardly anyone was dining. All I can say is the company must not need the custom.

Will go elsewhere where our money will be more appreciated.

We have 11 reviews of Bowshaw Inn.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - David Jones -


Been going to Whitby's since opening, even left excellent review in past. No more.

Over the past few months portions have got smaller and quality has gone down. Had takeaway today, cod, chips and peas for 2. Cost £16.50. Fish inedible, either overcooked or repeatedly warmed up. When we chiselled through batter, we were met by a yellow mess, not white as cod should be. We had to use a steak knife to cut through and tear the edges as this was as tough as wire.

Needless to say Whitby's has had its last penny from me. For the prices charged I can get far superior quality.

We have 25 reviews of Whitby's.

Peacock (Stannington) - Kally-Ann Westgarth -


We went for a quiz night and it was amazing. The food was great and the entertainment was spot on.

We have 7 reviews of Peacock.

Peacock (Stannington) - Kelly -


The new owner has really turned this place around! Decorated beautifully, the food is brilliant and very good value and the staff are friendly.

We have 7 reviews of Peacock.

Peacock (Stannington) - Laura -


Really great food! Lovely service too, all of the staff couldn't do enough and we brought our dog who was welcomed as much as we was.

We had 2 for £10 and honestly, I can't believe the quality to say how cheap it was.

Been a while since I’ve been but the pub is freshly decorated and is lovely inside.

Will definitely be back and will be recommending to friends and family.

We have 7 reviews of Peacock.

Drakehouse Mill (Crystal Peaks) - Kevin Broughton -


Chicken was pink inside. I sent it back and they fetched another, also not cooked. When I complained they said the chicken was pre-cooked before it arrived.

Stay away from this place it is ground zero for food poisoning and needs shutting down. Reporting to environment health.

We have 17 reviews of Drakehouse Mill.