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Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Steve & Di -


I ordered a rib eye steak & what I got was a thin patch of leather with chips & peas. Sent it back and received a rump steak in its place. A little better but not what I ordered.

Two stars simply because the wife and grandson's meal were OK.

The Chef can either make or break a reputation.

We have 40 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Wong Ting (City Centre) - Craig Cantrill -


Would not go back here, the manager is a complete fruitcake and a conman. Would not leave our table alone so we could have our meal in peace. Then was really creepy to my 10-year-old son who in the end we had to pay adult price for, as he is 5 feet tall. Paid child price for my mate's 10-year-old, as he is within whatever height guideline they decide to implement, which in my book is discrimination.

Food bang average. Plenty of better Chinese restaurants round the corner.

Place gone down hill massively since it was the Golden Dragon.

We have 15 reviews of Wong Ting.

Crown & Cushion (Chapeltown) - Hazel -


We visited the Crown & Cushion for the over 60s lunch on Wednesday, which we both enjoyed so much so we will be returning next week. I had a delicious prawn cocktail and my husband had the garlic mushrooms and we both had the liver & bacon on creamy mash, which was delicious. Looking forward to trying different options on our next visit.

We have 14 reviews of Crown & Cushion.

Ridgeway Arms (Mosborough) - Michelle -


I telephoned today to book a table for 18 people to celebrate my retirement. Was refused because they only book for no more than 11. I was really up set about it. We was all going to have a meal and drinks. Your loss not mine. Booked somewhere else that was very glad to accommodate us.

This is the first review of Ridgeway Arms.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Eric Wood -


Went yesterday 11/08/23. Very good meal, cooked to perfection, service was second-to-none. We were with friends and they enjoyed it.

Will be back soon for carvery and crumble. Thank you.

We have 40 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - Dave Smith -


Lovely fish and chips spoiled by the beer, and I like a beer.

It used to be Kronenbourg and what I used to enjoy after a long week at work was a couple of pints of Kronenbourg with the steak pie, and if that was good would have a desert. So most of the time that's what I'd do. So sticky toffee pudding or apple or rhubarb crumble it would be.

Now they have changed the beer on the pump to Coors Light and spoiled the whole experience. Now I don't enjoy a pint of this and certainly wouldn't want more than one, as you might as well have water. Always thought it had a bit of class having a decent beer going. Now they have got rid of the decent beer we have been to other places that sell better quality beer.

Sorry but you've ruined it for me.

We have 29 reviews of Whitby's.

Drakehouse Mill (Crystal Peaks) - John Drabble -


Cannot fault the meals or the service. The three of us all enjoyed our food. One of us had the salmon and they said it was the best they had tasted in a long time. Staff really nice... definitely will be back!

We have 20 reviews of Drakehouse Mill.

Wong Ting (City Centre) - Siobhan Garnham-Parks -



I had booked a table for 9 people a good few weeks in advance. Unfortunately one person could not attend so as a courtesy I contacted the restaurant to let them know there would only be 8.

We arrived on time for our booking at 6:30pm and we were seated by the manager. Unfortunately we did not get off to a good start - my partner ordered a large lemonade and said manager obviously misheard me thinking I said a lager lemonade. I tried to clarify this and he felt it necessary to be patronising and to tell me a lager lemonade is a shandy (I've only done hospitality for 8 years of my life).

20 minutes later our drinks finally arrived and we ordered starters. We requested some dishes without chilli. An hour later we finally saw our food come - sadly half of it wasn't there and everything was covered in chilli. My dad went over to the manager to ask where the rest of the starters were and again his response was completely unnecessary. He came to our table and said "we're very busy, don't have a go at me for us being busy". I will point out no one had a go at anyone except for the manager having a go at our table. He then said "it's her (the waitress') fault, she goes around making mistakes and it's my job to fix her mess". We have been coming to this restaurant for I don't know how many years and this particular lady has always been here. My dad said don't blame her she's been lovely. This obviously triggered something within the manager, as he went on what I can only describe as a complete rant about this waitress for at least 10 minutes. He eventually left the table. Another 20 minutes later we got the rest of our starters, which came incorrect and still with items missing. We tried to ask one of the staff but one person walked past us twice and the other didn't speak English. One of these members of staff had no idea what food she had brought to the table. It's a good job no one had a seafood allergy and she said the squid was chicken, I'm sure environmental health would love to know about that.

After 30 minutes no one had cleared our plates or even come over to get us some more drinks so myself and my godmother went to the bar to get some drinks. Once again it was the manager at the bar. We politely asked for what we wanted and his response once again was completely unnecessary. He said to us "I'm busy there's other drinks waiting (2 checks on) go to your table and let the lovely woman (waitress who he was slagging off) sort it". After being dismissed we went back to our table.

At this point we had been in the restaurant for 2 hours and had 2 drinks and half of the starters we ordered. We told the waitress we would pay for what we had and leave as we had all had enough. Once again the manager came over, rather than approaching us politely he came over and said "what's going on here then". He then went on a complete verbal attack on my dad of which we have videos which we are more than happy to provide. He called my dad nasty, rude and just completely attacked his character. I asked if the other man on the bar was another manager and he told me he was the owner so I went over to speak to him as I was absolutely furious by now. While I was over there he continued to barrage out table with abuse and even went to other tables to tell them we were all nasty horrible people. All this was done in the middle of a busy restaurant with children inside.

The owner just stood there and continued to say sorry, it is no where near good enough.

My final thought on this manager is that unless you are a young attractive female don’t expect decent or even tolerable service.

My dad's 60th birthday was ruined because of this man, I would advise he attends an anger management course as he comes across unstable, maybe a job at Karen's Diner may be more suitable.

We have 15 reviews of Wong Ting.

Kashmiri Aroma (Woodseats) - Tony Armitage -


This place is really special. Not the usual "Indian" restaurant experience! Lovely atmosphere, staff and the food is quite outstanding! Going on Sunday (buffet) with family to celebrate my 60th birthday, cant wait!

We have 7 reviews of Kashmiri Aroma.

Crosspool Tavern (Crosspool) - Diane Wainwright -


Brilliant atmosphere.

Visited today for the friendship lunch. From start to finish the staff where brilliant. Louise and Jenny, the waiting staff, couldn't do enough for us.

The carvery was lovely and the apple pie and custard was the cherry on the cake, so to speak.

They had a brilliant singer on.

I would recommend the Crosspool Tavern to anyone and the friendship lunch is definitely worth a visit. Lovely atmosphere to spend with friends.

We have 12 reviews of Crosspool Tavern.

Park (Hillsborough) - Barbara Beresford -


Just been for lunch. Ruth and Emma lovely girls, very friendly. Enjoyed food.

We have 2 reviews of Park.

Dos Amigos (Woodseats) - Julie -


Often eat at Dos Amigos. The food is always excellent quality and very reasonable. Lovely friendly staff and plenty of choice for all tastes.

We have 2 reviews of Dos Amigos.