Wong Ting Restaurant

6-8 Matilda Street
City Centre
S1 4QD

Telephone: 0114 2757392

Wong Ting

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Type(s) of Food Served

Cantonese / Chinese


Wong Ting restaurant is located at 6-8 Matilda Street in Sheffield city centre.

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Li -


Great taste with great value. Definitely will come back. Love it!

Claire -


Have been coming here for years and the majority of the time it's been decent service. However, recently received bad service. We went in at 12:08 and thinking it's early we would be done early, how wrong could I be.

We were seated quickly and ordered the lunch special and drinks. The drinks arrived fast but we then waited 15-20 minutes for soup.

It then took a long time for them to take dirty pots away. Brought hot plates for the hors d'oeuvres, but unfortunately it took so long for the food that the plates were cold. We then had long waits for plates being taken away.

We saw plenty of other people being served quickly from the dim sum menu! After a further wait of 30 minutes for mains to arrive (on cold plates & lukewarm) we finally had enough.

We asked for the manger and after another wait he finally came over. He wasn't interested in what we had to say.

We left very disappointed and disgusted. Even if it's busy, all customers come first and should not be ignored for other customer types.

Alan -


We took our daughter and some of her friends out for an eighteenth birthday meal.

The food was excellent and the service outstanding. With a vegetarian and a mixed set of orders the waiter was very helpful in guiding us through the different menu options and made sure everyone was catered for fully.

The food was served quickly and efficiently in quantities that were sufficient to defeat most of the diners.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and we will certainly be going back again.

Ron Jubb -


Visited this restaurant on Thursday 13th November 2014, lunch time.

Arrived at 12:10PM. Very quick to take your order, soup served within 5 minutes. The problems then began.

We waited and waited and waited 55 minutes for the main course. Still did not arrive. In the end we put our coats on and decided to leave. We still got charged for the soup.

There were approximately 50 people came in after us, all got served within 2 minutes of arriving. You've guessed it - all Chinese.

Zoe Twigg -


Really nice food. Good value for money - £15 all you can eat. All fresh food brought to your table.

Tom Boydell -


I eat here fairly often and I think that this is probably the best Chinese restaurant I have been to.

The so-called "buffet" is excellent value. I say "so-called" because unlike most buffets you do not go and help yourself. Rather you order as much as you like, as often as you like, from a very extensive menu, and the food is then cooked and delivered to your table. It is therefore fresh and not been waiting in self-service containers for a long time, as is so often the case.

There is also an extensive a la carte menu, some specials, and dim sum. You have to ask about the latter - the menu isn't on the table but is brought specially. It seems to be mainly for Chinese people but there are English translations.

For me the staff range from perfectly OK to brilliant.

Claire -


Wong Ting is a lovely restaurant. The food is really nice, so Natasha is wrong, I have been going there for years and never had a problem with the service or the food. And I am English and the staff are really nice there.

Natasha Crawford -

The food is OK, if you get it that is.

The staff are so rude it's unbelievable. My sister, my father and I used to go every week for about a year. But the staff became unbearable so we stopped going.

They will shout at you, throw your bills on the table, over charge you, stand by and wait for tips. They all stand around each other speaking in Chinese, while they all look over point and laugh at you.

However if you are Chinese I would definitely recommend this place, because that's the only way you seem to get a nice service.

Natasha Crawford -

The service that we received at this restaurant was absolutely disgusting. You will either get ignored or speak to a member of staff that cannot speak English.

The food is reasonable but always cold. My sister and I went for a meal today and had to wait 2 hours for our main course, which we ended up sending back and only paying for what we ate. The staff were still rude to us and threw the bill at our table and muttered under their breath.

I would recommend anybody who wants at least an OK standard of service to not go here.

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