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You better flippin’ believe it! Pho serves Vietnamese pancake all day!

Pancake Day is coming up and if you're planning any stories on where to go for any interesting or different pancakes, Pho is a great place to start. We love a traditional pancake, but why not switch it up this year?

Our classic Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo) is incredible. It's savoury, crispy, and will blow your mind. Made with a thin layer of rice flour, water and turmeric, it's fried up in a pan and filled with either tofu, chicken or prawns and served with fresh Vietnamese herbs and a salty dipping sauce (nuoc cham).

What's more, this pancake is perfect for vegans and gluten-free diners.

We normally only serve our banh xeo in the evenings but for one day only - Shrove Tuesday - we're offering it on the menu all day long.

Head down to Pho and enjoy Pancake Day with a Vietnamese twist.

La Scala Restaurant Removed

We have removed La Scala restaurant, formerly of 1 Abbeydale Road South in Millhouses, as it has closed down. We will add its successor in due course.

One of Sheffield's newest eateries, Dodona on Sharrow Vale Road, previously known as Otto's, has been instructed to remove a £40,000 extension. The denial was based on the extension's appearance and potential noise disturbances for nearby residences. This marks the second unsuccessful attempt for approval, as a similar proposal was rejected last year. Restaurant owner Adriatik Likaj plans to appeal, emphasising his intent to restore the building to its historical state, with a veranda that used to exist 200 years ago. Likaj asserts that the restoration aims to preserve heritage and denies any illegality, expressing his desire to create the best restaurant in Sheffield.

Likaj also hopes to open the venue (excluding the veranda) after a recent visit by Sheffield City Council officials.

Simultaneously, he faces a dispute over the restaurant's name with another Dodona restaurant in Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria, which claims to have trademarked the name. Likaj argues that Dodona is the name of an Greek temple and insists that no one has the right to purchase the name of a temple, as it belongs to all. He and business partner Rendy Constantin took over the restaurant after Otto's restaurant closed in April 2022.

Otto's Restaurant Removed

We have removed Otto's restaurant, formerly of 344 Sharrow Vale Road in Hunters Bar, as it has changed ownership. We will add its successor in due course.

Dronfield Restaurants Removed

We have removed a couple of restaurants from Dronfield that are no longer open.

The Talbot, formerly of Stubley Lane, has been demolished for housing. And Hyderabad Nawabs has changed ownership and its status is uncertain.

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