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Sheffield Restaurants News - February 2024

You better flippin’ believe it! Pho serves Vietnamese pancake all day!

Pancake Day is coming up and if you're planning any stories on where to go for any interesting or different pancakes, Pho is a great place to start. We love a traditional pancake, but why not switch it up this year?

Our classic Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo) is incredible. It's savoury, crispy, and will blow your mind. Made with a thin layer of rice flour, water and turmeric, it's fried up in a pan and filled with either tofu, chicken or prawns and served with fresh Vietnamese herbs and a salty dipping sauce (nuoc cham).

What's more, this pancake is perfect for vegans and gluten-free diners.

We normally only serve our banh xeo in the evenings but for one day only - Shrove Tuesday - we're offering it on the menu all day long.

Head down to Pho and enjoy Pancake Day with a Vietnamese twist.

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