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Tin Tin reviewed by Lauren Naylor on


If I could rate 0 stars I would.

First of all they would not let us order on the phone and go and collect, like every other takeaway in the world. We then had to order once we got there, ordering took an extremely long amount of time.

Once ordering we then sat and checked the receipt to make sure they had everything correct. We then had to wait over 40 minutes for the food to be done. We arrived home and it was barely warm and lots of our food was missing or completely incorrect. When ringing up we were met with that we were wrong even though we double check the receipt. Absolutely terrible customer service.

The food was quality was poor and as previously said warm at best, hard to believe it was cooked fresh despite the 40 minute wait.

On the phone we were told could have a full refund if we go down the next day. We had to go out of our way again and now we are told they will only refund the missing dishes.

Absolutely shocking 0 star, would not recommend. Save your time and money and eat elsewhere.