Taybarns Restaurant

Maple Road
S75 3DL

Telephone: 01226 350035
Website: http://www.taybarns.com


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Type(s) of Food Served

American / Chinese / English / Indian / Italian


All you can eat buffet style restaurant serving a wide variety of foods.

Food Service Times

11:30AM - 9PM

Amenities & Facilities
Fully licensed?
Bring Your Own?
Walk-ins welcome?
Family friendly?
Private car park?

Karen Fry -


I think it's good value for money. It's clean, and the staff are very polite.

Julie Cartledge -


This was my first experience here on a birthday treat on 13th February for my 10-year-old. Most of my family were sitting eating their meals when my 10-year-old collapsed on the floor. The staff were amazing, especially the manager (Jo I think her name was). We are definitely planning a return trip, as my other kids couldn't fault the food nor price.

Alan Alster -


Great value for money, kids love it, extensive menu.

Stuart Laidlaw -


Now been four times and have sampled most of the food on offer.

Good value for the price.

Clean and airy seating area.

Staff polite and helpful.

Always worth a visit.

David Dale -


Since opening I've been a number occasions, each time with friends or family and there's never been any problems.

Food and variety is fabulous and unlimited drinks is a bonus, but in my opinion the downside is not being able to switch from hot to cold without extra cost.

Dennis Stansall -


We came for a meal for my birthday. I brought my wife and granddaughter, who is only 2-and-a-half years old.

It cost us 3.99 for her and all she would eat was a bit of soup and a bit of ice cream. I don't think that was worth 3.99 do you? We told them that she would not eat anything but he said would still have to pay 3.99.

I think it was shocking so we will not be coming again.

Laura -


It was delightful food and the service was outstanding. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

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