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Luna Rossa (Heeley) - Jon -


Great food but terrible delivery service.

First time we used them we received the wrong pizza (non-veggie pizza for a house of veggies). Today we were told our delivery would be with us by 17:45 but when we called at 18:00 we were told the pizzas hadn't even been made. Not great service.

We have 5 reviews of Luna Rossa.

Bowshaw Inn (Dronfield) - Jay -


Beware. After recent snow the car park, although not massive, is treacherous for both pedestrians and vehicles. Consequently, fewer diners, which meant food standing in heated cabinets had dried out.

A company this size could have an estate manager to ensure gritting/salting, which would aid client safety. Or two staff with barrow and grit could do this within the hour.

Very poor.

We have 8 reviews of Bowshaw Inn.

Balti King (Broomhill) - William Huntley -


Let's face it - many Indian restaurants are much of a muchness, with the same pleasant but unremarkable food, similar décor and music, and generally courteous but stiffly formal waiters. The Balti King, however, is different - uniquely so in my experience.

From the moment you step inside, you are welcomed with such warmth that you immediately feel at home - no sooner do you take your seat than poppadoms, pickles, and complementary salad appear on your table.

When my wife and I were there recently, we chose the tandoori chicken balti special. The chicken was beautifully cooked in a light covering of delicious sauce. As usual,we had onion bhajis as a side dish, which were, as always, superb - crisply cooked, delightfully textured and substantial in size.

There are other things I love about the restaurant apart from the food. There always seems to be a happy, friendly atmosphere, partly created by the staff, who move around the tables talking to the customers. Also, the décor is not typically Indian (no flock wallpaper), nor is the music - it's a fusion of modern Indian techno and traditional folk.

Yes, in my opinion, the Balti King is Sheffield's little gem.


We have 32 reviews of Balti King.

TGI Friday's (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Sarah Lawton -


Ate there yesterday as a party of 5. We were put on a table the farthest away from any servers and seemed to be forgotten about.

After about half an hour our drinks arrived, which we had to remind the server to bring! When the food arrived my 2 sons refused to eat it, as it was bland, dry, and over-cooked. We were at that point given 2 glasses of free Coke!

Never again would I eat at this restaurant. It has seriously gone downhill. I did complain and I got a "Sorry". Not bad for a £113 bill! I then took them for a McDonald's!

We have 3 reviews of TGI Friday's.

Moorlands (Owler Bar) - Jan Cherington -


We go here often. Brilliant staff. Always slow getting meal ticket from the bar. Meat good, vegetables can vary, sometimes rather tasteless, lacking in variety and overcooked, other times very good. Still good value and lovely location.

We have 3 reviews of Moorlands.

Cafe Ceres (Hunters Bar) - Ann Bell -


Booked meals nearly two months in advance of arriving last evening (the 7th of December). Even so we waited 45 minutes for the starters to arrive. The main courses arrived at different times. Although tasty they were not very hot. Plates were cool. As there were 17 of us they should have had more staff on. Not good enough.

We have 5 reviews of Cafe Ceres.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Caroline -


Very nice after the the refurbishment but what happened to doing the toilets, the one area that was desperately needing a makeover? They still smell horrid, loo paper does not fit in the dispenser, so is on the floor or on top of the sanitary bin!

Staff are all very friendly, can't fault the effort they put in. The over 18s area is a bit tight. When all the tables are in use you can find it very difficult to get out to the bar or smelly loo.

We have 6 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Chutney (Gleadless) - K Bernard -


Shocking! Ordered a delivery and saw a delivery driver sat outside my home on his mobile phone. Phoned the restaurant to see if it was their driver and they told me that he was on his way. 10 minutes later the driver got out the car and knocked on my door. 15 minutes in total the driver had been sat outside my home with my food going cold and the restaurant justified it by telling me that they told me the food would be "up" to an hour! Jokers!

They offered to knock me £2.80 off my bill... gobsmacked! Either that or they told me to tell the driver to take my food back. Whoever orders garlic chicken curry or chicken tikka korma I hope you enjoy my food!

Never order from here again!

We have 18 reviews of Chutney.

Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Dennis Gray -


Went Saturday at 12 o'clock. Ordered large fish and chips. No fish. Why have a menu? Then ordered steak, which was tough. Left that then ordered fudge cake. No fudge cake, so ordered apple crumble, which was terrible. Used to be good, but was terrible Saturday. It'll be a long time before I go again.

We have 6 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Drakehouse Mill (Crystal Peaks) - Georgia -


For the last few times we have been to Drakehouse Mill it has been shocking! The food we had was an English breakfast and was just chewy and the bacon was dripping in grease and it was black. The second time we came we had full monty mixed grill and again it was vile. The gammon was black? The sausage and steak was chewy and tough.

The waitress dropped my partner's tomato and fetched a new one within seconds, however left the one she dropped on the floor. Is that good customer service? You could tell the tomato has been sat ages, as it came too quickly to be fresh and was cold.

In general the food wasn't the warmest to be "fresh". In fact the dessert took longer than the main! It was ridiculous and we will NOT be returning.

We have 6 reviews of Drakehouse Mill.

Milestone (Crystal Peaks) - Emma -


Shoddy service from start to finish. Overcharged on the bill 4 times; fire alarm going off every minute for 25 minutes because of cooking course upstairs; and then find our waitress in the kitchen slagging off my partner and I for complaining about being overcharged continuously on the bill.

£80 for a two-course lunch with wine for two, and it took over 2.5 hours because everything took so long at 1PM in the afternoon! No apology for a ruined occasion, even from the manager.

Such a shame, it used and be great.

This is the first review of Milestone.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Joseph Hall -


Excellent atmosphere, excellent food. Carvery was outstanding and the cheesecake wad lovely, really big. Worth the £15 I spent there.

We have 19 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Shapla (City Centre) - Lisa Taylor -


Went to Shapla on Saturday night with my family to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

My party of five was squeezed onto a table for four, it was very uncomfortable to eat and the food took well over an hour to arrive at the table. When it did arrive it was tepid and greasy. We were all very disappointed.

We have 17 reviews of Shapla.

La Vaca (Broomhill) - Doc -


We did book a table for the birthday party in advance, as it is a very busy place. Fourteen of us arrived at 9pm, we had a drink at the bar and then went to our table in the back room.

We all had steaks, apart from one of us who had a seabass from the specials black board, and all-in-all we're very impressed with quality of the food.

The service was excellent and the atmosphere was just right, with the Latino music playing on.

Most of us had home-made desserts such as chocolate brownie and cheesecake, as well as Our Cow Molly ice cream.

Thanks La Vaca for great evening.

This is the first review of La Vaca.

Kurdistan (Burngreave) - Robin Wood -


A very different restaurant experience and highly recommended. Formica tables, bare surroundings, but superb food at bargain prices.

The lentil soup that you get served as a starter for free or if you are waiting for a takeaway is just the best, like a thin dahl but with different spices; warming and wholesome.

Meze is great for veggies, otherwise it is mostly grilled meat based.

You can eat good for here for £5 a head.

We have 5 reviews of Kurdistan.

Milestone (Kelham Island) - Robert Verard -


To be honest, we were expecting something far better. Staff were few and far between. The food was very poor. It was over-priced and tasteless. How it is so busy baffles me. Perhaps it is the Gordon Ramsey connection? So pretentious. Would not recommend.

We have 9 reviews of Milestone.