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Balti King (Broomhill) - William -


Good authentic food at a good price. Classic Indian restaurant feel. I will be returning and/or ordering delivery from this curry house again!

We have 31 reviews of Balti King.

Ka China (Wales) - T.G. -


If I could go to minus numbers I would. Ordered by phone for home delivery, only to get one wrong meal. Rang to tell them and got told I was wrong. The meal they did get right was dry and not very nice, either, so will definitely not be using these again.

We have 2 reviews of Ka China.

White Rose (Handsworth) - Leesa -


We have just had worst meal that we have had at this place. We waited 1 hour and then went to find out where it was. When it was brought to us it was dried up and very hot. Just been forgotten and microwaved. We won't be eating here again.

We have 2 reviews of White Rose.

Old Red Lion (Grenoside) - Pete & Elaine -


We've been to the Old Red Lion several times in recent months, and found the food exceptionally good.

Our most recent visit was Sunday 6th July 2017 and we had Sunday lunch. We both had roast beef, which was so tender and moist, really good cut of beef, and it came with a terrine of 5 vegetables that were perfectly cooked and piping hot. Home made Yorkshires with mash, roasties, and thick beef gravy rounded off an excellent meal.

They have a nice selection of real ales, and the wines are reasonably priced. The staff and manager were helpful and friendly.

Overall a really nice experience at the Old Red Lion on a Sunday afternoon, and will certainly be back.

We have 6 reviews of Old Red Lion.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Diane Fox -


Absolute joke! Staff are rude and lack basic customer service, table wasn't cleaned despite many request for it to be done - I had to do it myself, food was lukewarm. Wouldn't waste your money!

We have 16 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Mossbrook Inn (Eckington) - C Hutchinson -


Living just up the road, the Mossbrook has been the first choice for a number of occasions. Sadly, this time I came away full of disappointment. The starters of squid for the wife and lobster and prawn pot for me were very tasty and a good size for a starter. Here we go I thought. Looking forward to another great meal.

The main course however, well, where do I start?

We both ordered the trio roast expecting a nice combination of chicken, beef and pork. The most impressive thing on the plate was the Yorkshire pudding. The pork was about the size and thickness of my bank card, the beef was marginally thicker but looked as if it had sat under a hot light for some time and was as dry as that light. The chicken? Wow! Poor thing was so anaemic it looked like it should have had a blood transfusion before it was killed. Shown the oven rather than cooked in it! Also, it seems as if you have leg or lump it out of the box of legs that were delivered yesterday. And the wife doesn't like leg.

There are vegetables and "roast" potatoes as part of it but if you don't like a particular veg (like red cabbage in my case) and ask for it without then be prepared for no veg at all, as its all cooked and mixed in one pot to give you a teaspoon full in one go. And the potatoes looked more boiled and blow torched than roasted. Certainly not worth the 15 expected.

We were still hungry so decided on a dessert of sticky toffee pudding. Although small it was very tasty. Really disappointed to be writing this about a favourite but seems as if after the refurb a couple of years ago the Mossbrook has tried to become a high class gastro pub with prices to match but without the knowledge and experience to manage it.

We have 2 reviews of Mossbrook Inn.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Rachel Bartlett -


Been coming since it opened but it's getting worse there. The time we came for breakfast you were refurbishing. We were sat in a area that wasn't even finished. There was dust everywhere, loads of stuff not available. Shouldn't really be open with that amount of dust. So food came out 45 minutes later, which is a joke for breakfast. When I asked staff what was taking so long they just gave me a blank look and said "I will check", which then took another 10 minutes. Put this down to the fact that it was just the wrong time.

So we decided to try again on Thursday 3rd August. Again the same miserable staff, all too busy doing nothing. All the tables was disgusting - plates and food everywhere and yet more long waits ahead. Asked after 40 minutes to be told "we are busy". It was 10:20am and there were 8 people in! The food finally arrived and it wasn't what we ordered and then we were told "well breakfast is finished now so we can't do anything"!

This is absolutely disgusting service. Staff are terrible and have a bad attitude. Won't be returning.

We have 11 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Swan (Ridgeway) - Karen -


I visited for a homemade pie, as we didn't fancy cooking Sunday lunch. All our pies (each one different) were gorgeous. Love the proper chips, too. Visiting again tonight with the family. Bring on the pies!

We have 16 reviews of Swan.

Jumeirah Spice (Ecclesfield) - Sue Vickers -


Once again excellent food, but if you want it delivered when they say it will be, do not believe them.

They said it would be 30 minutes but we had to phone an hour later when it had not arrived. They said it was just leaving and it arrived approximately 15 minutes later, which is believable because we are not far away. But when it arrived it was not hot, just cool.

Good food but awful service. Don't have a delivery if you cannot heat it up in a microwave. Price is more than other takeaways. Beware!

We have 5 reviews of Jumeirah Spice.

Ashoka (Sharrow) - Claire Eldridge -


Third visit to Ashoka, so felt compelled to review the guys a little review. Not run-of-the-mill - just a little different. My boyfriend and I have travelled India and this comes really close (without for travel)! to the flavours we enjoyed out there.

It's small, it's busy, but with a great atmosphere, fantastic food, and very accommodating staff.

Keep it up!

We have 12 reviews of Ashoka.

Butlers Balti House (City Centre) - Peter Stelzer -


Just left most of a delivered takeaway. Paid 34 for three dishes plus rice.

Chicken Malaya clearly thrown together from prepacked cheap soggy chicken junks, King Prawn Saj was mouth-burningly hot in non-liquid. Only the lamb dish was really edible. Pilau rice clogged and dark brown. Never again!

We have 11 reviews of Butlers Balti House.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Colin Deakin -


Waited a long time for food. The scampi was burnt, the rest of the meal was tasteless, what bit I did eat.

Told the waitress and all I got was a "sorry". Will not be going again. If you want to waste your hard-earned money this is the place to go.

We have 11 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Browns (City Centre) - Darren -


We came for our 6th wedding anniversary, very disappointed. The food was over-priced and we didn't get what was on the menu.

Had beef brisket (7.95) which was 3 meatball things with brown sauce croquettes. Half roast chicken. This was 2 chicken legs. So in all, 1 starter, 2 mains, 2 drinks each, no deserts. All together 55. Still hungry, going to KFC next time. Lovely food over-priced. Toilets disgusting. Service great.

Won't be coming next anniversary, rather have a take away.

We have 7 reviews of Browns.

Mossbrook Inn (Eckington) - Deborah -


It looked busy on our approach, as it was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was sat outside. The warning signs were there, if only we had taken more notice - plenty of people drinking but not many eating, and this was at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon.

You would automatically think I'm being mean by giving them one star, but I only awarded them that because you can't post the review without opting for a minimum of one, but honestly our meals were inedible.

I had taken my son and daughter-in-law out, as it was both their birthdays. We had the chicken dinners. The chicken skin had the consistency of having been boiled not roasted, the meat was rubbery and not fully cooked. The veg was boiled to death, it just laid there in a deflated splodge on the plate (the smell that came from it turned your stomach). The gravy was in a little saucepan and consisted of runny grease. The Yorkshire pudding was soft, tasteless and anaemic looking.

Very disappointing. Would not recommend.

We have 2 reviews of Mossbrook Inn.

Akbar's (Rotherham) - Jan Tancos -


They always make my visit special. The quality of warm welcome and the knowledge of customer focus by heart in the best Apna-style food restaurant. Me and my family always enjoy Hassan's and the team's qualities, kindness, communication. Thank you Hassan and team from Akbar's Restaurant for nice enjoyed visits and 100% future ones.

We have 7 reviews of Akbar's.

Balti King (Broomhill) - Sue -


Just had a very good meal at Balti King. The food was generously served and full of flavour. With our meal we had peshwari naan bread, which was the best I've ever had. The service was prompt and Tony, the owner, was very attentive. A really good night out - we'll be back.

We have 31 reviews of Balti King.