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Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Jayne -


Not a review about the food, never had a bad meal here. But the outdoor space is a disgrace!

Broken, dangerous planters (kids running round!) litter, cigarette butts everywhere. Had to pick up litter and bin it before we could sit down! Then there's the general appearance, weeds all over!

Please don't let it go to rack and ruin we love our local, but come on, tidy up a bit! Please! If McDonald's can do it I'm sure you can!

We have 4 reviews of Sword Dancer.

Parthenonas (Highfield) - Alison Glover -


My daughter booked a meal for 20 plus for my 50th surprise celebration.

We arrived to no table for the time we booked. My daughter had asked if they could decorate the table, nothing put up, and when we eventually got seated 45 minutes later we were cramped with zero elbow room. Two people didn't even get a meal, as they mixed up the orders. The evening was a very warm one and being cramped didn't help. No fans available. They ran out of bottled beer, very unorganised. Rude, surly staff. Never eat here again. In my opinion let your waitresses go and get staff in that actually care that a party has spent £500 and that pays for their wages.

We have 11 reviews of Parthenonas.

Akbar's (Rotherham) - Miss Fairhurst -


From the moment we entered to the moment we left, we were looked after fabulously and were treated very well. As we sat fresh rose petals were placed onto the table. Our napkins were replenished throughout. Recommendations were given. The server spoke with us on a normal level and we were even treated to free coffees afterwards.

Will definitely return.

We have 6 reviews of Akbar's.

Phoenix Inn (Ridgeway) - Linda -


Having recently celebrated a 70th birthday for an American relative we were very impressed with the effort made by the staff to ensure all went to plan. The food was first-class, and a really enjoyable evening.

We have 6 reviews of Phoenix Inn.

Browns (City Centre) - James -


Visited this place for tea and coffee - the service was poor, the tables were dirty and, rather than make any attempt to clean our table when my wife pointed out it was dirty, we then had to listen to a sarcastic monologue about how hard the staff worked and how busy they were. There are many places to eat and drink in that area which offer far better service and hygiene.

We have 6 reviews of Browns.

Chez Lahlou (Walkley) - Michelle Anderson -


Five-star by far. Steaks to die for. But do not order starters, as you will be too full. The owner is a fantastic lady. Would highly recommend to everyone.

We have 10 reviews of Chez Lahlou.

Elmwood Farm (Beighton) - Sue Fox -


Called today. Had turkey bap with roast potatoes and stuffing. Sandwich was nearly all fat, stuffing was rock hard. Very disappointing. Told our waiter who just said "I will tell them". No response.

I had taken my daughter out for a treat, we won't be going again. Anyone going beware. Looks are deceiving. The thing is you pay before you get your food, otherwise I would not have paid. Anyone else had problems?

We have 9 reviews of Elmwood Farm.

Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Julia Moore -


My friend and I (plus our 3 children) decided to try Meadow Farm today for lunch. She ordered a child's garlic bread starter, as her 1-year-old was getting grouchy and a little hungry. She also ordered smothered chicken for herself and a child's meal of nuggets, chips and beans for her little boy. I ordered mains for myself and 2 children also.

We waited 25 minutes before having to ask if the garlic bread was on its way. 10 minutes later it arrived, closely followed by my main and my children's meals. 15 minutes later there was still no sign of my friend's main or her son's. A further 10 minutes and still no sign, so again we asked a member of staff how long it would be. Another 10 minutes and their food arrived (minus a apology) both plates had the worst looking chips we've ever seen, they were cooked to death and literally snapped in half.

My friend quite rightly complained and was offered a free dessert, which she declined. My children's meal and my own was edible, just a little bland, but we had finished our meals as my friends arrived.

Not a pleasant experience and will not be returning any time soon.

We have 13 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Yankee's (Sharrow Vale) - Wayne Shaw -


We have been one of their customers for approximately 12 years and were absolutely gutted they'd closed their doors for good. By far the best burger in a 30-mile radius and a cheese sauce to die for.

We have 5 reviews of Yankee's.

La Luna (Banner Cross) - Isobel George -


We have just had a marvellous meal for first time at La Luna, Sheffield.

The food was wonderful but our experience was made even better by Casey our waiter who waited on us, meeting our personal needs. My brother-in-law has particular difficulties with swallowing food but Casey did his utmost to help us with this so my sister and brother-in-law enjoyed their meal.

We'll definitely return when Casey is working so he is able to help us to meet the needs of our party so we can go out for a meal together. The food was delicious but Casey was wonderful giving us personal service in a busy restaurant.

Thank you so much Casey we are coming again when you are working on a Friday or Saturday.

We have 9 reviews of La Luna.

Milestone (Kelham Island) - Susan -


Have eaten here quite a few times and found it almost always a wonderful experience. Like a previous reviewer, I've paid more for Michelin-starred food of lesser quality, both in the UK and France. The Milestone's Early Bird menu is an unmissable chance to sample quality dishes at a bargain price. Some are more successful than others, but that may be a personal response: I, for example, don't enjoy chili in any form but otherwise enjoy their seasoning and dressings.

If you just want huge quantities of bog standard pub/bistro food you could buy in the supermarket or any burger bar you'll be disappointed.

However, if you enjoy modern and interesting food, usually perfectly balanced and cooked, you'll really enjoy The Milestone.

We have 7 reviews of Milestone.

Ed's Easy Diner (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Richard Crow -


Total rubbish, served by Sophie. Got a Chicken Caesar salad. Found a small piece of wooden skewer about 2cm in it. Apparent the plates are kept next to where the skewers are kept. No offer of a reduction or a sincere apology. Spoke to the manager who also had the lacking of customer care. The Ed's Diner brand is something I will not be revisiting any time soon.

We have 8 reviews of Ed's Easy Diner.

Blues (Broomhill) - Martin Johnson -


Had spicy chicken wings and had to go back for more. Nice atmosphere. Just what Broomhill needed outside of the city centre.

We have 2 reviews of Blues.

Old Horns Inn (Bradfield) - Mrs Helliwell -


As a family we probably visit at least 1-2 times a month. Food has always been brilliant. Was so disappointed today with our visit. Food was no way near as good. Me & kids picked at our food, my partner said it was OK. Waitress asked if our meals was OK, I replied no, she said "oh sorry". Won't be visiting again.

We have 3 reviews of Old Horns Inn.

Ashoka (Sharrow) - Katie -


The menu looked impressive but don't be fooled. Onion bhaji tasted like card board, prawn purée was so watery, not creamy in the slightest. My mum was gipping. Absolute rip off as well.

We have 10 reviews of Ashoka.

Smoke Barbecue (City Centre) - Reg -


Pleasant service but food was a bit on the cool side. Double-fried chips were just warmed up chips from an earlier cooking. Beers nice though. Not good value for money.

We have 11 reviews of Smoke Barbecue.

Aagrah (Crystal Peaks) - Wayne -


Fabulous. Salads, sauces, starters, sides, veggie and meat curries and desserts. Loads and loads of choice, plus it's all you can eat. Attentive staff and very reasonable prices. We've been about twenty times over the last couple of years.

We have 2 reviews of Aagrah.

Mirpuri Dhera (Darnall) - Martin Jordin -


Second time I've eaten here. Restaurant is clean and comfortable, service prompt and friendly, atmosphere welcoming.

Family-friendly with everyone from granddads to babes-in-arms. At 7:30pm on a Tuesday the place was nicely busy but not crowded - almost all the customers were Asian, which tells you something about the quality of the food. In a word, it's outstanding.

A very wide and properly varied choice of dishes and every one I tried was delicious (I ended up over-eating just because it was all so good). All the side dishes and accompaniments you'd expect. A small but perfectly adequate choice of deserts. At £12 a head for an all-you-can-eat buffet this is tremendous value.

Highly recommended.

We have 9 reviews of Mirpuri Dhera.