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Fairways Inn (Birley Wood) - Chelsea Marsden -


Absolutely awful management! Paid a lot of money for a function, only to be lied to about many issues. We were told by having the larger function room we could come in and decorate whenever that day, then to be told a month later that's not possible and this was by the manager himself.

Then about being able to self-cater if we had the required minimum food order for our party, then being told we couldn't. Now granted this was taken care of and was compensated with some alcohol & an apology. And we left feeling OK.

I then came back to pay the party on a Sunday to be told that they were far too busy to take my money, which was quite annoying because I was reluctant to pay by card as it was a surprise party and my partner would have seen the transaction on our account!

After all this and being made to feel very awkward from start to finish, the day came and went and that was that. Until a member of staff mentioned to someone at my party that they & other staff had taken and eaten food that I had paid a huge amount for! Now I went straight up and spoke to the manager, who seemed to take the complaint seriously at first until he decided it was my word against hers. Now even though there were two witnesses to what she said, which was someone who came to the party, who she directly said it to, and this person's colleague who in the end denied the conversation.

All said and done we have yet to receive 50 "goodwill" from them and since offering this, we have rang up to again being lied to. We were told that there was no manager to speak to at all til' 6pm (we rang at 11:15am) so I rang back and just by coincidence it was the manager who was very rude and was told there would also be another manager in 10 minutes.

All I would say is I've been going to this pub for a wile but with all this that's happened and the disgusting way that we have been treated I can no longer go there. The amount of disrespect and lies I have had to deal with is horrendous. If I could give zero stars I would I would never recommended this place whilst ever that management is about!

They took my money and treated me no better than something they had stood in.

We have 14 reviews of Fairways Inn.

La Perle (Wicker) - Laura -


Very pleasant and polite owners and always make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I'm always in there with my girls or to have quick mocha enjoy their hospitality, as I know them quite well now and they always make myself and children feel welcome. Cakes are divine and delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone who likes to dine with excellent quality and people who own it, they're lovely people.

We have 3 reviews of La Perle.

Cow And Calf (Grenoside) - Sandra Howard -


Excellent food. Landlord and staff always very friendly and chatty. Been in a couple of times at the weekend and always receive a warm welcome - highly recommend.

We have 17 reviews of Cow And Calf.

Old Horns Inn (Bradfield) - Robert Frost -


Visited Friday evening with family and friends. Our first visit and most certainly not the last.

The setting is delightful, food and service superb with a great selection of local brews.

Highly recommend a visit.

We have 2 reviews of Old Horns Inn.

Gigi's Cucina (Nether Green) - Adil -


Awful food, avoid! Expensive.

I did not like the food here. The taste was bland and I did not think it tasted very authentic. Had better supermarket ready meals.

Also, very expensive for what you get.

We have 5 reviews of Gigi's Cucina.

Carluccio's (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) - Jane Gration -


Having read the previous reviews I have to agree with the comments made.

We often visit Carluccio's in West Bridgford and in Dorchester, both of which are excellent. Having had good experiences at both these restaurants we decided to lunch at Carluccio's in Meadowhall during a shopping trip.

The food was well below par, the service not existent, and at best surly, and I agree that the whole restaurant had a grubby appearance.

Plenty of alternative eateries at Meadowhall, so will not be visiting this Carluccio's again.

We have 3 reviews of Carluccio's.

Butlers Balti House (City Centre) - Brett Sinclair -


Only put 1 star, as no facility for 0 stars.

Bad experience from start to finish.

Overpriced for portion size.

Just putting 2 chillies on top of a bland curry sauce does not make it a vindaloo, no matter what spin the waiter feeds you.

Sorry but I'm not impressed. It's about flavour and infusion of spices, not just heat.

We have 10 reviews of Butlers Balti House.

Cutlers Spice (Gleadless) - Brett Sinclair -


Rude manager.

On making a complaint of a dish not being as described, the manager was ignorant and rude. Not interested in sorting the problem.

Overpriced food and every dish tastes the same. Obviously made from a bought in base sauce from a cash and carry.

Sadly the spin from the waiter saying "my little old grandma lovingly prepared your meal tonight" was pure lies.

No smell of spices cooking round the back.

These guys are microwave technicians not bona fide chefs.

We have 12 reviews of Cutlers Spice.

Gigi's Cucina (Nether Green) - Daniel -


Fantastic little restaurant! We have been to Gigi's three times now and every time we have a great experience. Good food, wine and decor! Five stars for Gigi's!

We have 5 reviews of Gigi's Cucina.

Royal Elephant (Dinnington) - Sue Silvester -


Eleven of us have had a lovely meal to celebrate friends' golden wedding anniversary. The staff could not have been more helpful. The meal (carvery) was spot on as usual. Never had a bad meal in all the years of going.

We have 3 reviews of Royal Elephant.

Amraj (Beighton) - Nita -


Visited the Amraj for the second time this month. The food was fantastic, the staff we extremely helpful. The decor is amazing. Will be visiting again soon.

Might try the takeaway service.

We have 7 reviews of Amraj.

Kurdistan (Burngreave) - Ala -


If you like Iraqi/Kurdish/Persian food then this restaurant is what you're looking for. Amazing service, great Middle Eastern menu, and great value for money, I'd go everyday!

We have 4 reviews of Kurdistan.

Cosmo (City Centre) - Kirsty -


Came here for my sister's 18th birthday. Booked a table, only to be told to wait when we arrived. Went to the bar for a drink and got ignored. Was told after 15 minutes that our table was ready. They sat us down I had an 8-month-old they never asked if I needed a highchair. Then to be told halfway through that we weren't able to keep my pram there. It was a nightmare to get out, having to get people out of their seats because the spaces between the chairs was so tight.

As we were eating the staff by passed the adults to the younger children to tell them they had to go and measure themselves against a line on a sign the same size as an A4 sheet of paper because if they were taller they would have to pay adult price. My son is 13 and so was my niece. Then when it was the end they charged adult prices. This is wrong, it does not state this on their website, as I was told it did. I cant see it anywhere. Then they told us it was on the same size A4 that it stated it at reception. I also didn't see that. They are having people left an right with this "a child is under the age of 16".

Also the staff seemed to be watching every move, making you feel uneasy. The food was OK but not arranged right. A lot was really salty and some was really sugary. We asked to speak to a manager three times, to be told that she was a supervisor. In the end my uncle asked. She went to get him. He was lovely and listened to what we had to say and put the two children's meals for adults half price after a long discussion, pointing out that this should be told to people before seated.

We have 10 reviews of Cosmo.

Jumeirah Spice (Ecclesfield) - Vivienne Tingle -


Had a takeaway from here last Friday via Just Eat.

Delivery time was a while, however pretty much bang on the ETA. The food was gorgeous and worth the rather higher prices. I was told by a colleague today that they have a loyalty scheme, so better and better. Will definitely order from here again.

We have 4 reviews of Jumeirah Spice.

York (Broomhill) - Georgia -


Great atmosphere and staff were very friendly. Food was fast, piping hot and delicious! Will definitely be returning.

We have 3 reviews of York.

Cutlers Spice (Gleadless) - S Marshall -


Excellent night tonight for my birthday and son's father-in-law's birthday.

I am lactose intolerant and the chef made sure I was happy with a meal he recommended. He came out and again checked I was happy. All the staff took time to make our evening special.

We have been to Cutlers Spice before and had excellent service every time. Great food, atmosphere and service.

Looking forward to next time. Thank you Cutlers Spice.

We have 12 reviews of Cutlers Spice.

Akbar's (Rotherham) - Jen -


Experienced amazing service. Every employee smiling and acknowledging us. We were asked a few times if everything was OK. Cleared the tables fast. Such good service. Highly recommend. Food was so yummy. My sister had a lovely birthday meal. Thank you to Akbar's.

We have 5 reviews of Akbar's.