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Rama's Bridge (Crookes) - Greg -


As we sat down at our table we looked around and the place looked Very basic. I visited the toilet first and the door wouldn't lock. The toilet seat was stood up at the side of the wall, where it had fallen off.

The plates came cold, which is not a good sign. We ordered samosas and they were hard, and looked pre-cooked. We ordered the lamb Shri Lankan and came in a small soup bowl diced into small squares. Not worth the money, and will definitely not be going back. Rubbish.

We have 4 reviews of Rama's Bridge.

Rama's Bridge (Crookes) - Rekha Das -


We have been there three times now. Was impressed first time but third time I knew I am never going again. Quality of food isn't great and doesn't represent South Indian food to the fine extent it mentions. If you are looking for very good South Indian food don't go there!

We have 4 reviews of Rama's Bridge.

Bowshaw Inn (Dronfield) - Jennifer Varma -


Very disappointing. Booked a table for my mother's 85th as it was local to walk. Must admit we had been before (two years ago) and it was a lovely roast with good service.

The waitress did ask us what we would like to drink but had to come to check three times because she had forgotten.

The carvery service counter looked in such a mess! Not at all inviting. The meats were not hot. The fresh carrots coming out of the kitchen were raw! I did quietly mention this to the young chef, who quickly took them back in the kitchen. The cauliflower that had been sitting there was not cooked, as the fresh one brought out wasn't, too!

Would have understood if the restaurant was busy!

I felt so guilty having booked a table here as my daughter, son-in-law, and son had travelled by train from London for lunch with their grandparents.

I had called in two hours before to confirm the booking, as I had booked it online and no one was answering the phone Saturday morning! Somehow sensed it wasn't going to go well!

If it hadn't been for my mum's 85th and not wanting to complain and spoil her day.

Very disappointing.

We have 5 reviews of Bowshaw Inn.

Phoenix Inn (Ridgeway) - Mrs A Woodhead -


We had my mum and dad's 70th wedding anniversary here. The food was fantastic, the room was lovely, and the staff couldn't do enough for us, they couldn't have been more attentive. A massive thank you to Mel and her team. Highly recommended.

We have 4 reviews of Phoenix Inn.

Mamma Mia Pepe (Hillsborough) - Dianne Ronksley -


I booked a party of 32 women for a special occasion to visit the restaurant on Saturday night. I had gone to great lengths to pre-book all the food, which I didn't mind, as this made it easier to cater for such a large party. But I had made 2 mistakes and was told by the waitress in a very abrupt manner, that if I couldn't rectify it I would be charged for the extra meal!

I have to say at this point that apart from a couple of meals the food was lovely, but the waitress had an awful attitude all night. She was banging drinks and food down and sliding glasses across the tables instead of giving everyone a glass individually. She had a face like thunder all night. She was very very rude right from the moment we walked into the restaurant. We were a total burden to her and she made it quite obvious. She even apologised to one table for being stressed! She didn't apologise to me! I'm sorry to say but the majority of us have stressful jobs but don't treat people like she treated us. It was awful service.

The chef was adorable and he and his colleague worked hard all night to deliver our food. I would suggest replacing the waitress with someone who can handle stress. Thank God she's not caring for people! She'd know what stress was then. She spoilt the evening for me and I won't be returning and neither will any of my party. I can't tell you how bad her attitude was. If it hadn't been a special occasion I would have walked out and forgot the whole thing! By the way the young waitress was very sweet and polite.

I hate complaining but I do feel very strongly about this. You will lose a lot of custom with staff like her.

We have 20 reviews of Mamma Mia Pepe.

Akhtars (Killamarsh) - Jason -


Been a regular visitor at the restaurant for a while now and I'm not judging from a few visits. This established restaurant is way better than all of the local restaurants in and around Killamarsh and the surrounding areas. It never fails to impress on any occasion. Took my family there, work colleagues, business acquaintances, who have always been more than pleased. I would like to say a very big thank you to all the great people at AKHTARS in Killamarsh.

We have 6 reviews of Akhtars.

Yankee's (Sharrow Vale) - Frankie Romer -


RIP to the best burger joint in town. I've been a frequent customer for over 10 years and I don't know what these stuck up people are talking about.

If you want steak go to a steakhouse, if you want pizza go to a pizzeria. At the end of the day Yankees is best known for its burger... so you go there for burgers. Flame grilled quality beef patties, fresh ingredients and friendly staff who always gave it their best.

Oh, and I'm also going to miss it because its probably the only place I've found in the UK that knew how to do authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings.

Please come back!

We have 4 reviews of Yankee's.

Bella Donna (Renishaw) - Sarah -


Absolutely beautiful. Outside of the building doesn't look the best but the inside is lovely. Such a calm atmosphere and the staff were wonderful. No complaints whatsoever with the amazing food, and you can tell it is all cooked fresh! Will definitely be back and will recommend to everyone.

We have 4 reviews of Bella Donna.

Mamma Mia Pepe (Hillsborough) - Heidi -


Food poisoning, avoid!

I visited the restaurant last night with my partner and my Nan and Granddad. I bought them a voucher off Groupon for their Christmas present so it was something they were really looking forward to.

Me and my partner ordered pasta, my Granddad ordered steak and my Nan ordered chicken. A few hours later after getting them home my Nan was extremely ill with sickness and diarrhoea, she was being violently sick non stop and in the end had to call an ambulance. She had had nothing to eat since the morning for her breakfast and the hospital said that it would have come on a lot sooner if it was from her breakfast, therefore it had to have been the Italian meal she had eaten that evening.

I called the restaurant to inform them and to get a refund for the meal. We paid 35.00 for the voucher plus we spent another 35 on the night on supplements we had to pay extra for and drinks. Meaning in total for the night we had spent 70.00.

I spoke to the manager of the restaurant who would accept no responsibility at all and didn't even apologise. He actually became very angry and rude. What should have been a lovely evening was totally ruined and I was shocked that the restaurant owner was not prepared to offer us any compensation.

I would never eat at the restaurant again, however a refund would have been nice so that we could have took them out again somewhere else, as as you can imagine what was meant to be a nice Christmas present was totally ruined.

Please avoid the restaurant at all costs!

We have 20 reviews of Mamma Mia Pepe.

Swan (Ridgeway) - Teresa -


Our favourite pub - always a fantastic welcome and excellent food. 17 of us just had food after a nice walk and the service was excellent! Our little sausage dog, Maxi, always enjoys it, too!

We have 15 reviews of Swan.

Ayesha's (Dronfield) - M Chamberlain -


Chose Ayesha's for a change from Chesterfield town centre. Was not disappointed.

Lovely reception, really nice food. Not greasy like some have said. Staff were really nice.

We are planning our next visit in May. Can't wait.

We have 4 reviews of Ayesha's.

Angel Inn (Holmesfield) - A Cowley -


Had a wonderful evening at this pub. Most accommodating hostess and polite waitresses. We were a party of 5 and all enjoyed the home cooked food. The restaurant was comfortable and pleasantly spacious. Would definitely dine there again when visiting the area.

We have 5 reviews of Angel Inn.

Fairways Inn (Birley Wood) - Maxine -


Reasonably priced food and enjoyed going to this pub on many occasions in the past. However, we were told that we could use the function room recently and then on the day the staff changed their minds and we were put in the worst possible place in the pub for a large party (30 of us).

Very dismayed with the service. So be warned - if you go and if you receive bad service then complain at the time because we have complained afterwards and not even had recognition of our letter.

We have 15 reviews of Fairways Inn.

Whitby's (Rotherham) - Paul Savory -


Popped into Whitby's around 2:30PM. There was no-one in takeaway part, so I thought at first it was closed. I walked in and no-one acknowledged me, as usual, so I waited patiently for 5 minutes, then I was served by a youth who didn't acknowledge my waiting, he just said "what can I get you?" so I ordered large cod (it was average, not large), chips & peas to take home, which is 1.5 miles away.

As I waited for my order, I was expecting it to be nice and hot, but on getting home around 3 minutes later, I found them clot cold, and there was too much batter on the cod. There was no fish in the last 4". I called and spoke to someone and was told I'd get a call back. That was 2 weeks ago and no call from them.

I will not return nor recommend them to anyone. I agree that the staff are too busy joking around and mocking customers, or each other. They are miserable, no smiles or politeness unless you force it out of them.

If I owned it, I'd have a right shake up.

The chippy at Richmond Road beats their cod every time, with pleasant staff and better prices!

We have 8 reviews of Whitby's.

Waggon & Horses (Millhouses) - Tom -


Took our mum for pre-Mother's Day lunch on Saturday, 26th March 2017, under the latest new ownership. First, the booking we had made hadn't actually been booked, so 5 of us were put on a table set for 4, and then forgotten about for a while. No kids menus were brought over so we had to get our own.

After 20 minutes no order was taken and, after flagging a waitress, she took our order begrudgingly ("it's not my section").

The lunch menu was incredibly limited (basically pizza or burger) and the food took ages to come. When it arrived, it was bland.

After finishing, we waited for our plates to be collected and dessert menus to be brought. A waitress eventually told us "2 minutes". 25 minutes later we were still waiting and by this time we'd been there for over 2 hours and eaten one course, with 2 young kids, so decided to call it a day.

We were continually overlooked in favour of clearing empty tables that weren't likely to be used any time soon anyway (it was fairly busy at first but half empty near the end). My mum was very upset and complained, and the only saving grace was there was no charge (and the service being so bad was almost comical if it hadn't ruined my mum's dinner).

This place seems to change owners every few years but the service has always been good with previous owners. This was our first visit under new ownership. Sadly we won't be going again in its current guise, and having spoken with a few other customers on their way out in the car park, I doubt we'll be the only ones.

We have 4 reviews of Waggon & Horses.

Blues (Broomhill) - Sonya Smith -


Wow the place looks good, clean and nice. Food was excellent. Our group had mutton with rice and peas, chicken wings, and the patties were fantastic. Loved the rum punch. Great music. We will be going again. Thanks, had a great time.

This is the first review of Blues.

Browns (City Centre) - J Jackson -


The staff were lovely. Very friendly and helpful. However, the food is... well I can only describe it as overpriced s***e. I have never encountered such bad value for money. Will never go back.

We have 4 reviews of Browns.