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Chinese Table (City Centre) - George -


Previously these premises had a decent, very popular "Chinese" buffet, with ample choices. Unfortunately today I made a very bad choice in not looking at the buffet before taking my seat, thinking that it may be the same all-day buffet

Starter choices: two spring rolls, three pieces of prawn toast, and oven chips.

Main dishes: sweet & sour chicken, fried tofu curry (?), all other tureens, quite a number of them, had only burnt dried sauces on the bottom, other than dried out noodles and what may have been fried rice, which looked grey and very unappetising.

Dessert choices: around 8 halves of orange, half a melon cut into slices, one cupcake (no icing), 8 marshmallows!

After waiting 15 minutes thinking more food may be put out, I asked why was it classed as buffet. One staff said I was to see the other staff, repeating same question she replied that they were preparing more and it would be put out when ready. She did ask which of the tureens would I like to have filled, reply was that as I had absolutely no idea what had been in them, as not only were they empty but had no name plates, not even type of meat.

I appreciated my Chinese tea (as it was called on my receipt), whilst waiting for a second choice, which turned out to be another sweet & sour chicken, although the chicken had been cut in strips rather than chunks, covered in batter and the same over-sweet sticky sauce!

I did not take dessert.

We were only three tables occupied, and we were all of the same opinion, as well as each one of us thinking we were going to have a buffet as had been served previously.

I am not complaining about the price of the buffet, which would have been reasonably priced if there was food to be had! I was obliged to pay full price for the "buffet". I did not leave any service charges as suggested on the receipt.

I am unable to give even one star for this restaurant, but I am obliged to give at least one to publish the review.

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Milestone (Crystal Peaks) - Jo Fairclough -


Went for a special occasion. Highly recommended but very disappointed.

Long wait for drinks at the bar. £9.50 for glass of Chilean white wine (£6 at supermarket for bottle) and pretentious menu to boot.

Long wait for food but it was a busy Friday night. Seemed a bit short staffed and the lovely staff did their best.

Meat was very over cooked and like leather. Sent it home for dogs.

Not normally a complainer but this was poor. Need to get back to basics and deliver simple gastro pub food cooked well and target normal people who want a well-earned meal out.

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Oisoi (City Centre) - Denise Hall -


Brilliant, unusual Asian food with a difference. Enjoyed it very much, especially the desserts!

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Mama's & Leonie's (City Centre) - Aly -


Really disappointed!

A visit to this place was like travelling back in time. I would place the style of food produced as it was in the 1970s when the assumption was that the size of the portion equalled quality. The food lacked refinement, it was greasy and stodgy. The pasta in my vegetable lasagne was not cooked and it had an amazing selection of inappropriate vegetables for this type of food (broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, carrot, potato [potato???]). I also thought it was overpriced, especially the starters. I might have been able to get over the veg if everything else was good, but sadly this was not the case so we won't be returning.

On a positive note, we love the rustic set up and the staff are pleasant, however I suspect the good location and that is the only non-chain restaurant in the area has kept it busy, but without them having to try very hard.

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Crown & Cushion (Chapeltown) - Mrs Hallam -


Been today, Mother's Day, with my family. Booked for 2:30pm. Had to wait, as they said we were not booked in. Then the waitress said she would go and ask the table if they would finish there sweets, as they needed the table.

To add to disappointment it was a set menu no kids menu, so my grandchildren did not have anything to eat, as there was nothing they liked. We did ask but we were told that is the menu today.

When we did get our starter we had waited half hour and then a further half hour for the main, and they had run out of the turkey, so we had to have chicken. We had to ask for our vegetables, and when they came that were hard.

We have been going to The Crown and Cushion at Chapletown for years now and food and service has always been very good. Don't know what happened today but it spoilt my Mother's Day.

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Shapla (City Centre) - Rachel and Lee -


Food is excellent, service is excellent. Price excellent, friendly staff, not gonna get better than Shapla.

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Marco's (Woodseats) - Victoria -


Food was so good, the whole table cleared their plates and said how delicious it was. Will go back again and again.

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Guardhouse (Hillsborough) - Jacob -


Superb value, well-presented food with friendly, local staff in a castle-like building. A surprising drinks offering with local cask, fruit gins, and modern whiskey malts.

Would recommend, and return again.

This is the first review of Guardhouse.

Crown & Cushion (Chapeltown) - Kathy -


Often travel to this area to visit family. Always good food and service.

Today was no exception. We chose from the over 60s menu. The prawn and crayfish salad, served with fresh baked rolls, and the pate and soup were excellent.

Two had the fish of the day, one liver, and one homemade pie.

Even though the portions were good, three of us managed a desert. Very tasty sponge and custard, and cheesecake. Very well presented. 3 courses for £10.95.

Excellent. Will see you soon.

We have 9 reviews of Crown & Cushion.

Aagrah (Crystal Peaks) - Samina -


Food was lovely, can't complain, but we were over-charged. We were 9 adults, at £20 per head we were meant to be charged £180. We had no drinks, just water in jugs, but we were charged £211. How does that add up! Don't think I will be recommending to anyone.

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Cosmo (City Centre) - Hannah -


The quality has gone down hill a lot. You feel like a battery chicken rammed in with the seating. You get people's bums in your face whilst you eat. Unless you go as a bigger group than two, then you get slightly more space.

Derby Cosmo's food is a lot nicer.

Both cleanliness has gone down hill, with sticky floors in bathrooms and not as well looked after.

I will keep going for lunchtime, as I think it is a good price if you love Chinese, but I wouldn't spend double for the evenings any more.

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Browns (City Centre) - James P -


Great breakfast. Good selection of food, smoothies and hot drinks. Ambience is pleasant, service friendly and attentive. Food hot and well presented. Would recommend and will visit again.

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Sword Dancer (Handsworth) - Sue Fox -


Just got back from Sword Dancer, my grandson's choice to go for lunch.

Food was very nice, but the smell of food was overpowering, as it was busy. I think some extractor fans would have helped. The smell clung to our clothes. That's the first time, after being a regular customer.

Also menus were all sticky with food.

Sorry but not being funny, just honest.

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Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Catherine Wood -


After sitting for 15 minutes at a dirty table full of half-eaten food, I cleared the table myself and went to order my carvery. Stood for 5 minutes and had to ask at the bar for someone to come out and serve. Got back to my table and had to ask someone for cutlery. We were then left sat at the table with our dirty plates for 2 hours.

The children's play area is tired and tatty.

What a dismal place.

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Meadow Farm (Ecclesfield) - Ann Robertson -


Went with my friend and our grandchildren. The food was OK and the chef on the carvery was very friendly, but the restaurant was very dirty. There was food all over the floor, and tables were not cleared even though it wasn't busy.

The toilets were terrible. The floor was covered with toilet paper and rubbish even though there was a bin there.

We have 22 reviews of Meadow Farm.

Cosmo (City Centre) - Dylan Carter -


Awesome place. When I am in Sheffield, I eat here with friends, always look forward in going back!

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Venus (Dinnington) - Jennifer Ellershaw -


Went Saturday night 17th February. It was what I call a proper restaurant, run on traditional lines.

Professional, helpful, welcoming staff. Unhurried service.

Fabulous food: prawn cocktail, steak with all the trimmings and more, beautifully presented and decorated strawberry cheesecake.

Fabulous selection of gins. Recommend the elderberry gin with a splash of ginger ale and squeeze of lime juice.

Not expensive for the quality and what you get. Portions very generous.

Definitely going again. Grandson wants to go with us next time. That could be very expensive.

We have 2 reviews of Venus.