Prince of Wales Restaurant

95 Ecclesall Road South
Banner Cross
S11 9PH

Telephone: 0114 2369176

Prince of Wales

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Type(s) of Food Served

English / Modern British / Pub Restaurant

Food Service Times

Monday - Thursday: 12PM - 10PM
Friday & Saturday: 12PM - 10:30PM
Sunday: 12PM - 9PM

Last seating: close of service.

(The bar is open longer.)

Amenities & Facilities
Fully licensed?
Bring Your Own?
Walk-ins welcome?
Private car park?

Rachel Stainrod -


Sorry to say but totally disappointed with the Christmas lunch I had this afternoon.

Firstly the pre-booked table was set for the wrong number and we had to wait for another table to be set. There was nothing whatsoever to suggest it was a Christmas lunch, not even a cracker to pull. It could have been a meal held on any day of the year!

One order was late, the portions for the starters and mains were poor. Not much nosh for a lot of dosh! The food was pleasant but not value for money.

The bill came with the deposit already paid included on the receipt and there was a service charge on there for about ten percent of the bill. We had to point this out and ask if the service charge was optional. Some people would probably not have noticed these and paid the price on the receipt! A little sneaky, that! The service wasn't bad but there was no real hospitality.

Such as shame, the decor out-does the dining!

Gerry Kersh -


Our crowd (around 10 people) have been going to this pub fairly regularly for drinks on Saturdays. We will definitely not be re-visiting, as we found that a small bottle of slimline tonic is 2.40. I know prices have gone up but this taking the mickey, especially as the service is not particularly quick.

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